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All research results are assessed and cross-checked thoroughly to determine their validity, relevance, and weight.
All data is cross-checked for plausibility and evaluated by means of additional sources of information.
16, 1995, he was cross-checked across the back of his head by Kings forward Eric Lacroix.
After being exhaustively cross-checked and verified for accuracy, information is delivered on CD-ROM with Windows-based software that enables the user to perform meaningful market share, underwriting and loss and expense experience analyses.
I remember one game where we hit each other and then he cross-checked me in the face.
In January of this year, Abbott Labs sent out a letter to a limited number of pathologists suggesting that results from the tests be cross-checked with other tests," he said.
He cross-checked Perreault twice before O'Donnell rushed in and decked him.
Because data on each power plant is cross-checked from various sources, the report provides the most complete, current and accurate information available from an independent organization.
When he was cross-checked by an opponent, the mouthpiece popped out of his mouth and was lost on the ice.
The resulting sales data are cross-checked with the lead profiles, correlating the information and generating a sales report associating the sale with the lead.
The GASP database now recognizes over 7,500 software programs by version and release date, allowing software to be readily cross-checked against manufacturer Y2K compatibility claims.
Today, billers typically receive one check, plus a list of consumer-initiated electronic payments from the consumer's bank, which must then be manually cross-checked.