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a section created by a plane cutting a solid perpendicular to its longest axis

a sample meant to be representative of a whole population

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(physics) the probability that a particular interaction (as capture or ionization) will take place between particles

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Depending upon the size and the complexity of the cross section, models have varied in size between one hundred and two hundred, four-node quadrilateral elements.
Arguably the least known ingredient in the expression for x ray intensity is the electron ionization cross section.
The process is repeated until all 2-D cross sections, as defined by the 3-D CAD model, have been cut by the laser and bonded.
It is essential when curing sponge rubber to achieve a good cellular construction over the whole cross section and also to produce a surface area which is as smooth as possible.
Remembering that the stress bearing capacity of the weakest mesoelement (the cross section in the case of rectangular specimens) defines the strength of the whole body, we arrive at a conclusion that the immediate proximity of the system to the critical bearing capacity may be regarded as the characterization of the system pre-fracture state.
the leading developer of affordable scientific graphics software, announces the release of Strater 4, a powerful, user-friendly well log, borehole and cross section plotting software package for geoscientists.
We are reaching out and appealing to a broad cross section of voters, and there is so much excitement about this fall,'' she said.
3]He-neutron cross section, it can serve well as a broadband neutron polarizer.
Metal fins penetrate the refractory cross section and result in ineffective refractory performance.
if ID/OD cross section area is no greater than 12 sq.
Since the Pauli exclusion principle for identical particles forbids the interaction of two neutrons in the triplet state, the cross section [[sigma].
The cross section helped me see new stratigraphic relationships missed in examination of the separate logs.
When you look at any cross section of ivory, explains Mann, you can see lines radiating from the center (see photos, above, right).
The report was being prepared at the request of the Company as a follow-up step to the earlier completed preliminary exploration work undertaken on the prospect which included a recently acquired gravity survey, geological cross sections, a 10 well study, a detailed surface outcrop survey, and a cross section map on the Maverick Springs Prospect.
Contract notice: Delivery cross section of small arms and 60 mm mortar.