cross section

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a section created by a plane cutting a solid perpendicular to its longest axis

a sample meant to be representative of a whole population

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(physics) the probability that a particular interaction (as capture or ionization) will take place between particles

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The objectives of the present work are to provide new recommended cross section from experimental data employing the associated counting method for the neutron flux determination, to validate the current evaluated cross sections of interest at an energy range and to assure a number of cross section data obtained relative to the standard cross section.
Other cross section features include deviated display for line log cross sections, the ability to draw layer lines horizontally across the width of the well track, and the option to flip the horizontal scale bar.
They either came off with a cross section of almost 6 x 10-19?
After that, the cross section of chip was obtained using a vision measuring system and defining a CAD model for it.
T], respectively, was determined from the initial inclination of the P-[epsilon] relation, whereas Poisson's ratio on the cross section [v.
Judy Dwyer, a member of the city's tree advisory committee, said if a good cross section of the 8-foot-diameter trunk can be saved, she hopes it can be moved to the Strathearn Historical Park, where its tree rings could show important times in the area's history.
The X-Tether is a new concept for side curtain airbags that combines a one-piece woven and laminated bag with a pair of internal tethers that maintain a constant cross section.
The cross section for this process increases rapidly with decreasing energy and increasing atomic number.
Jenn (electrical and computer engineering, Naval Postgraduate School) discusses the physical and engineering aspects of radar and laser cross sections, first introducing the basic theorems, concepts, and methods and then presenting chapters on frequency-domain numerical methods, time-domain numerical methods, microwave optics, complex targets, radar cross section reduction, measurement of radar cross section, and laser cross section.
The experimental investigations will be extended to freezing from the gas phase, to UCN production cross section measurements on [D.
I'm not sure a student or professional would come away from this volume, as it stands, with a better idea of how to actually identify any of the truly important surfaces or systems tracts at an isolated outcrop, or how to correlate an ambiguous subsurface cross section.
Most of the columns have an elliptical cross section.