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ready susceptibility to chemical change

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In conclusion, MPA patients may be positive for Hantaan virus-specific IgM antibodies owing to cross reactivity, however, may not have HFRS.
3) We are reporting a case of latex allergy and cross reactivity to poinsettia.
25 Vitamin D2 and D3 and effectively eliminates cross reactivity with other vitamin D metabolites.
4% cross reactivity with skeletal TnT according to the manufacturer's data sheet, we further evaluated the specificity of this affinity-purified polyclonal antibody by searching a protein sequence database, which confirmed the uniqueness of the immunizing peptide.
Initial Offering will be Tissue Cross Reactivity Testing to meet FDA and EMEA Requirements
Initial applications for the dotLab System will focus on immunoassays and their development, and include rapid reagent characterization, antibody pairing and cross reactivity studies.