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a vector that is the product of two other vectors

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The Cross Product Master Agreement is a collaborative effort of The Bond Market Association, the British Bankers Association (BBA), the Emerging Market Traders Association (EMTA), the Foreign Exchange Committee (FEC), the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) and other groups.
In this paper, we will give another construction of such semigroups by using right cross product of semigroups.
They are aimed at those who understand that the best way to maximize the value from their information infrastructure is to include asset protection in the form of simple software upgrades that cross product boundaries, enable customers to use existing platforms in new ways, and ensure the solution fits their needs and can grow as their business grows.
With their economics under pressure, firms are working to renew client relationships, focus senior management attention on key accounts and increase cross product coordination and accountability.
Its product packaging, hierarchical billing and cross product discounting provide unmatched marketing capabilities.
Atherton was senior director of Oracle Corporation's B2B Exchange team where he played a central role in the worldwide rollout and cross product and organizational integration of the Oracle B2B Exchange.
Some other Blue Cross products resemble those of other manufacturers.
The creation of automated underwriting rules for cross products like group health and workers' compensation insurance also has the potential to greatly improve the efficiency of the distribution of financial services by or through banks, professional employment organizations, insurers and reinsurers alike.
This is done for computational efficiency, as well as stability: cross products of the form [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] with potentially a high condition number are avoided.
In 1995, these retailers purchased inventory in anticipation of significantly expanding their sales of Cross products.
for the use of Hallmark and Marjolein Bastin designs with CROSS products, Russell A.
For more information on HDHPs and other Blue Cross products, consumers may call Sales Support at 800-678-4466 for Individual & Small Employer Groups (less than 50 employees).