cross infection

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an infection that is acquired at a hospital or other healthcare facility

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In Egypt, cross infection cases, which occurs in roughly 15% of hospital patients, is responsible for keeping patients sick and under hospital care for an additional week.
The exhaled airflow bends to the lower part of the target manikin, which lowers the risk of the cross infection between source manikin and target manikin.
HYGIENE IS KEY Routine disinfection helps reduce bacterial cross infection between cows
From neonatal to extra large adult, a range of color-coded face masks are available for single-patient use to prevent the possibility of cross infection.
Dr O Mary was the consultant paediatrician and she was instrumental in founding the special baby unit, as well as the Sorrento Cot, which drastically reduced the danger of cross infection.
Tonojet is said to offer a convenient alternative, eliminating the risk of cross infection, the risk of improper disinfection and the need for a reusable prism mount.
The government still does not have an answer about cross infection in the air.
I thought it odd no-one had brought their children until I discovered that the risk of cross infection means it's too dangerous for CF sufferers to even be in the same room together.
So forgive us if we are sceptical, especially when David Milliband says there was no cross infection from Hungary only to find that it is the exact same infection from Hungary.
Hygiene Handwashing is best to prevent cross infection
The gel is used to reduce the risks of cross infection and is in line with the national Clean Your Hands campaign.
The girls were placed in separate incubators, a standard practice to reduce the risk of cross infection.
They claim that Sanitex will deal with the problem of controlling cross infection.
Advantages of using the system include significant time savings for infection control teams, increased patient contact, a reduction in ward outbreaks, increased education at the ward level and quicker interventions preventing relapses and cross infection.
With the exception of the premature baby, none of the patient tests revealed evidence of further cross infection.