cross infection

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an infection that is acquired at a hospital or other healthcare facility

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Due to increased incidences of contagious diseases such as hepatitis B (HBV), Hepatitis C (HCV), swine flu, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), dentists should protect themselves as well as the patients from cross infection.
Conclusion: Qualified dental practitioners had a positive attitude towards educational interventions to prevent cross infection as compared to unqualified practitioners.
In Egypt, cross infection cases, which occurs in roughly 15% of hospital patients, is responsible for keeping patients sick and under hospital care for an additional week.
Spaulding established the current classification system for instruments coming in contact with patients as regards the risk of cross infection and requirement for disinfection/sterilization.
The exhaled airflow bends to the lower part of the target manikin, which lowers the risk of the cross infection between source manikin and target manikin.
Cross infection experiments performed by Lom (1973) revealed that T.
It will ensure all vehicles meet the hygiene standards and reduce the risk of cross infection.
coli cross infection is unfortunately suspected at the maternity/neonatal unit at Singleton Hospital," a spokeswoman said.
DAIRYMEN have been warned to step up the battle to control mastitis in cattle by focusing on routine milking cluster disinfection to reduce bacterial cross infection between cows.
They're my friends, and I talk to them a lot, but it can only ever be an online friendship as I can never meet up with them, you'd be leaving yourself open to cross infection.
The clinical evidence tells us this is the most effective tool we have to prevent cross infection and the spread of the flu virus.
From neonatal to extra large adult, a range of color-coded face masks are available for single-patient use to prevent the possibility of cross infection.
Dr O Mary was the consultant paediatrician and she was instrumental in founding the special baby unit, as well as the Sorrento Cot, which drastically reduced the danger of cross infection.
Tonojet is said to offer a convenient alternative, eliminating the risk of cross infection, the risk of improper disinfection and the need for a reusable prism mount.
The government still does not have an answer about cross infection in the air.