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either of two fine mutually perpendicular lines that cross in the focus plane of an optical instrument and are use for sighting or calibration

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In the case of line and grade being straight and horizontal with no change, imagine a set of cross hairs on a target that is placed in the steerable section of the cutting head," explains Vidovic.
For example, the cross hair thickness is estimated at 0.
Although we will be fed the usual images of computer cross hairs on targets, what you will not see is the fear on the face of the pilot as he struggles to control his aircraft under the onslaught of enemy fire.
TreeHouse has the ability to put a real cross hair on the customer," said Tim Coulter, vice president/sales and marketing director, TECHT Paintball Products.
Private companies that try to reduce their tax burdens using "tax planning schemes" are also in the IMF cross hairs for increased wealth confiscation.
Things are further complicated when two of Moore's ex-SEAL buddies, Mike 'Madog' Adams and Sam Duncan find themselves in the cross hairs of Moore's weapon and Moore/Elias is ordered to kill them in what is another exciting showdown and satisfying finish to a complex series of twists and turns.
Extremist leaders in Yemen remain "on the cross hairs of US security forces and other security forces that are deployed to protect the American people and to protect American interests around the globe," Earnest said.
Fervent fans of college and professional football have long been prime targets in the cross hairs of beer and snack-food companies, but retailers are just now zeroing in on the colorful tribe of Americans known as tailgaters.
Players have a three-to-five second window to move a set of cross hairs onto parts of the enemy that indicate critical or noncritical shots.
In the cross hairs this season: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, security scams in the climate of fear and 12-step programs.
He put his cross hairs on another building -- and it too is blasted.
0 offers more than 100 feature enhancements, including split codes, quote board sorting, news display indicators, advanced formulas, customizable snap and executive quotes, cross hairs, Fibonacci retracement, Zacks and option charting.
Unfortunately, we've been caught in the cross hairs of some intense media scrutiny of the aviation industry -- no doubt fueled in large part by the much-hyped circulation war between Seattle's two daily newspapers and their subsequent race to one-up each other.
Though Finkleman plies his art in Canada, he clearly has American mass media's psyche in his cross hairs, that peculiar mix of being smugly self-satisfied and blitheringly overwhelmed by the grim rush of contemporary history.