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question closely, or question a witness that has already been questioned by the opposing side

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I move that their motion to cross examine the witnesses be denied," Garbin said.
Eventually, India had agreed to allow the panel to cross examine the witnesses to speed up the much-delayed trial in the case in Pakistan.
India has given a written assurance to Pakistan that the legal panel of that country will be allowed to cross examine the witnesses when it visits Mumbai.
89) Therefore, because the Coffin court relied on Perales, which the Eighth Circuit had now concluded did not establish an absolute right to cross-examine, and because Coffin was ambiguous in its meaning, the Eighth Circuit held that Coffin did not establish an absolute right to cross examine.
The lawyer withdrew his right to cross examine the girl at a previous hearing after her father appeared in court and refused to bring his daughter to the proceedings.
Feess said he would allow defense attorneys to cross examine FBI Special Agent Dane B.
Ayling, 70, insisted on his right to cross examine the witness, who the court was told he had mistreated "multiple" times - once while her six-year-old girl was in the same room.
In his book, Sprecher presents almost a daily summary of the actions by both the prosecution and defense, who each were allowed to present evidence, as well as call and cross examine witnesses.
This time the commission was allowed to cross examine witnesses unlike last year.