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moderately sweet raised roll containing spices and raisins and citron and decorated with a cross-shaped sugar glaze

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A GOOD Friday without hot cross buns may be London's lot, but it is not going to be that of Liverpool.
I always baked hot cross buns on Good Friday and my mother said to keep one back as she'd heard if you made them on that day they wouldn't go mouldy," said Kathleen, who turned 76 yesterday.
Being a devout atheist, I'm simply quite happy to go along with all this, if it means being able to split a lovely, soft hot cross bun, coax it into life under the grill, and slather it with soft butter .
The newer images, from May 22, 2012, on the same flyby as the hot cross bun images, show the shorelines stayed about the same, indicating the northern lakes are not transient weather events, in contrast to the temporary darkening of parts of the equator after a rainstorm in 2010.
A DAD has been hailed hero for saving a pensioner's life with the aid of a packet of hot cross buns.
FROM TRUCK TO TABLE: The pictures above show the hot cross bun being moved from the truck Pictures by DOUG MOODY YUM YUM: Saltholme centre manager Lisa Daley has a bite, above LET'S BITE: Children visiting the centre, including Micah Bruce, aged four, below right, get ready to test the hot cross bun
com/@tastejournal Heston twist: Chef Heston Blumenthal has added a twist to hot cross buns on sale in Waitrose branches.
And, of course, there were also plenty of hot cross buns too - with bakers Mike Goddard, Gerhard Patzer and Pater Inger making a massive 12lb bun in 1976.
Every Easter, I'm the one who ensures we get our hot cross buns just right, adding the finishing cross on the top.
These days it's possible to buy Hot Cross Buns throughout the year.
Warburtons' Hot Cross Bun Loaf is being brought back to life in time for Easter.
59 If there can be such a thing as a luxurious hot cross bun, then this is undoubtedly it.
The RSPB is inviting people to Saltholme near Billingham to help break the record for making - and eating - the world's largest ever hot cross bun.
The four-strong crew are dedicated hot cross bun crossers at Greggs in the North East and the run-up to Easter is their busiest week of the year.