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a horizontal beam that extends across something

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With the cross beam and attachment equipment, the crane hoisted a total of 402 tonnes - all in tight, wintery conditions.
With the cross beam balanced in this manner, suppose the vibrator that supports the cross beam is turned on and adjusted to have an amplitude of [h.
As well as meeting the required mechanical performance but at a lighter weight, the cross beam meets the high temperature requirements that result from the proximity to the exhaust system.
The deformation analysis was performed with the cross-beam stroke at several positions of the working area in order to evaluate the path of the cross beam in Z direction; the first simulation was performed at minimum stroke, the second simulation at a distance of 200mm, the third one at 500mm and last at maximum stroke of 700mm.
There is a dining room with cross beam ceiling, a dual aspect sitting room with inset fireplace and a large breakfast-kitchen with doors to the terrace from the breakfast area.
I discover that said vicar, while clearing some litter from the gate, had stood up too quickly and had come close to decapitating himself on a cross beam.
But he urged Conwy Council to consider putting up a barrier with a 6ft high cross beam at the entrance to the councilrun Beacons car park to prevent large vehicles like caravans entering the site in future.
Square section support columns incorporate a triangular section cross beam that transmits force down into the column and into the machine bed to deliver power.
Three events involved replacing things as a team: a transformer, a cross beam and an insulator bell.
For example, a three sided box 12[inches] wide by 16[inches] deep by 40[inches] long can be anchored to a cross beam with the 16[inches] x 40[inches] opening facing a 6[inches] square opening at one end for entry.
The crane and ballast plate are attached to the derrick jib using a cross beam with strap loops.
Upstairs, the master bedroom is partly vaulted with double windows divided by a cross beam, exposed timbers and a wall of fitted wardrobes.
Prosecutor Richard Matthews QC told jurors: "An employee of NEMOC was operating a large crane and was in the process of lowering the cross beam that had been unbolted when it appears the plate girders became unstable.