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a horizontal beam that extends across something

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Foreign material that can corrode or abrade the inside of the cross members causing premature failure can be flushed out via cross beam inspection ports.
In figure 1 the following legend is used: 1--balanced mobile cross beam, 2--dual-output electric motor, 3--reducing gears, 4--feed screws, 5--milling head(s), 6--fixed cross beam, 7--props, 8--balancing cylinders.
With the cross beam and attachment equipment, the crane hoisted a total of 402 tonnes - all in tight, wintery conditions.
As well as meeting the required mechanical performance but at a lighter weight, the cross beam meets the high temperature requirements that result from the proximity to the exhaust system.
Combining a horizontal sample mount with Cross Beam Optic (CBO) technology and equipped with advanced Guidance software, the system offers the full range of X-ray diffraction measurements in one fully automated instrument.
A continuous weld is made along the perimeter of the hole, which ties the cross beam tightly to the main frame rail.
Square section support columns incorporate a triangular section cross beam that transmits force down into the column and into the machine bed to deliver power.
In the "Shade for Your Deck" story (March '03), the length of the cross beam D1 on p.
She also - literally - climbs all over the scenery, singing from a cross beam at one moment, upside down at another and gets hauled onto bar tops and other surfaces.
For example, a three sided box 12[inches] wide by 16[inches] deep by 40[inches] long can be anchored to a cross beam with the 16[inches] x 40[inches] opening facing a 6[inches] square opening at one end for entry.
Tenders are invited for Flame Proof Jib Crane Capacity 2 Ton With Remote Operate As Per Specification Pillar Length 4M Cross Beam Length 5M Speed Up Down 10M Min And Cross Travel 16M Min
Designed with operator safety in mind, the sideplates feature cross beam inspection ports that allow you to inspect inside tubes for failure when the tube is not visible due to abrasion resistant lining, eliminating the need for operators to crawl between decks for inspections.
The crane and ballast plate are attached to the derrick jib using a cross beam with strap loops.
Prosecutor Richard Matthews QC told jurors: "An employee of NEMOC was operating a large crane and was in the process of lowering the cross beam that had been unbolted when it appears the plate girders became unstable.