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minced cooked meats (or vegetables) in thick white sauce

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95), Japanese style vegetable and potato croquettes fried in panko breadcrumbs and served with a fruity brown sauce.
The croquette was mildly spiced but wouldn't have seemed that out of place amid an English dish and the large spring roll did what it said and nothing more.
Left, a quinoa and Parmesan croquette, the second course, represented the Peruvian portion of the menu; above, the table, set in festive fashion, matched the colorful food; and below, a Spanish wine to kick off the meal.
Produced by Cheviot Foods, under licence from Centura Foods, Bisto Croquettes is rmade from 100% British mashed potato
In one entry about pizza and croquette potatoes for lunch, Martha wrote: "The pizza in the first pic was alright, but I'd have enjoyed more than 1 croquet (sic).
The foods in question include ''Co-op Beef Croquette,'' which Hokkaido Katokichi Co.
Serrano ham also comes forth separately as a tapas toast item ($4) with truffle butter, in croquette form ($5), and as paquetitos ($6) which translate into warm paninis stuffed with manchego cheese and artichoke.
Cheviot commercial director Ian Lindsay said: "The frozen croquette market is largely in decline, mainly due to too much concentration on price.
Just reading the dishes has me drooling on my keyboard - not a great look and a tad messy, you'll agree - but roast diver scallops, pork croquette, marinated carrots with raisin and caper vinaigrette followed by fillet of Cornish turbot, spring peas, wild garlic, morel mushrooms and Wye Valley asparagus.
But her latest meal looks more appetising than the miserable pizza and potato croquette which created a stir earlier this week.
Roast halibut, smoked salmon and potato croquette, served with samphire and cockle sauce
Dip each croquette into the flour, then the egg and finally the breadcrumbs.
Large sized packages have two of the coupons, six of which gets you a ten-inch smiling croquette or french fry.
Add in A Spanish croquette is normally made using a really thick bchamel that loosens off and softens up during cooking.