croquet mallet

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a mallet used to strike the ball in croquet

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Mind you I never thought I'd see John Prescott wielding a croquet mallet, so maybe Owen will last every game at the World Cup and score the winning goal in the final against Angola.
Prescott will hope the move deflects criticism that began with the revelations of his affair with diary secretary Tracey Temple and peaked with the photos of him holding a croquet mallet in the sun when he was running the country.
But every croquet player has their own genuine, tight-grained, hardwood-headed croquet mallet.
and beat the residents with a croquet mallet, deputies said.
The Flamingo, the bird Alice uses for a croquet mallet in the game with the Queen.
The idea to swap a croquet mallet for a golf club was theorized between Geordie Laird and Glen Dugdale on a family visit to Ligonier, Pennsylvania.
You might even feel the urge to pick up a croquet mallet, play disc golf, take a dip in the indoor pool or play lord and lady of the manor with afternoon tea in Hamilton's Tea Room.
After a gadzillion Midsomer episodes, you may wonder why at least one or two ethnic characters haven't sauntered onto the show, before being bludgeoned to death by a toasting fork or croquet mallet.
The difference is, apart from the obvious yawning gulf in ability that marks Prescott down as a political pigmy in comparison to his much more illustrious predecessor, Bevan would not have been seen dead with a croquet mallet in his hands.
The pictures show Mr Prescott wearing sunglasses and leaning on his croquet mallet on the lawn at Dorneywood in Buckinghamshire in the middle of Thursday afternoon, shortly after he took charge of running the country during Tony Blair's holiday in Italy.
Tyneside's John Moore swapped his usual croquet mallet for a putter and headed to the World Crazy Golf Championships in Hastings.
It is a special, time-warp experience to sit in the sunshine in this garden, with the background scents of flowers and birdsong which merges with the dull "thwock" of croquet mallet on ball.
The two boys led Long Beach authorities to a Toyota Avalon that proved to have been stolen early Monday during the Lancaster robbery in which Donald Bouchers, 79, and Margarete Bouchers, 75, were beaten with a croquet mallet.
Now Camilla Parker-Bowles, the most high-profile mistress in the country, has stepped out of the shadows and you'd have to club her with a croquet mallet to get her back in there again.
Exploring 15 completely diverse environments like the lush Mushroom Forest and colorless Chess Village, along with numerous mind-bending puzzles, Alice is armed solely with her wits and a toy chest filled with of 10 different weapons including the Jacks O' Death, Croquet Mallet and Demon Dice.