croquet ball

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a wooden ball used in playing croquet

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They used their father's head for a croquet ball and ended his life with perfect strokes and then turned on their mother.
At the annual Croquet Ball, a formal affair held this year in Palm Beach, it is traditional for the men to wear tennis shoes with their tuxedos or dinner jackets.
He takes a big back swing - the kind that would knock your average croquet ball into the next county.
From the chicken clucking away in the garden to the wisteria climbing the walls to the gentle clunk of croquet balls being hit through hoops, it presents an idyllic image of how life could be - if you have PS1,250,000 to spend.
His "Clock With Bowling Trophy," from which not only the trophy, but a couple of croquet balls and some other found objects.
The set includes four mulberry wood adult croquet mallets and two child-sized mallets, six steel hoops and markers, finishing post, croquet balls - and the all-important book of rules
In summer, Norm and Lynn Ginsburg's Encinitas backyard resonates with birdsong, the clink of ice cubes in tall glasses of lemonade, and the gentle thwack of mallets hitting wooden croquet balls through a series of wickets.
Some dung beetles shape their dung finds into lumps the size of croquet balls, with diameters 2 to 3 times the insects' body length, which they take home for the family.