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small farmers and tenants

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I remember drinking in the Croppers when it was just a pub in the halcyon days of my youth - and it was usually crowded.
Former ambulanceman Peter Litster told the court in Birchwood Park, Warrington, all emergency ambulances were equipped with a rescue box, which included a hacksaw, rope, a wrecking bar and the industrial bolt croppers.
On July 13 at Ash Road North on the Wrexham Industrial Estate he used bolt croppers to remove a lock of a trailer which was actually hooked up to another vehicle.
Thieves forced open the garage door and used bolt croppers to steal the bike, which is custom built and orange, with the words Orange Crush written on the frame.
JULIE Hesmondhalgh has quit Coronation Street after 15 years as the first soap transsexual Hayley Cropper.
Olive croppers were also advised to take appropriate precautions before the storm hits.
But it was stolen by thieves who cut the padlock shackle with a pair of bolt croppers.
Ashbridge Square is anchored by a free-standing 145,485 s/f Home Depot, a 46,726 s/f Croppers Market, whose parent company is AWI.
But in their absence, the little tearaway has been telling the Croppers tall tales about his treatment at their hands.
A neighbour of the Croppers testified that she saw Pitman outside the house on the evening of the murders.
Dale Rosen, "The Alabama Share Croppers Union," March 1969, 89, file 2A, reel 13, Johnson Papers.
But I wonder whether a planning inspector's decision to dismiss an appeal over the former municipal toilets in the street, next to The Croppers Arms pub in Marsh, is not a tri-fle precious.
2001 Hayley's arrested protecting Wayne from abusive father 2003 Tracy Barlow tries to blackmail Croppers claiming Roy had fathered her child 2007 Hayley tracks down her son Christian, who rejects her and heads abroad 2010 Law change means the Croppers' union can be officially recognised
But his motorbike was stolen by thieves who cut the padlock shackle with a pair of bolt croppers.
In distinguishing between croppers and tenants Southern courts adjudicated and articulated the most pressing issue of political economy: to whom did the fruits of labor belong, the owner of capital or the provider of "bone and muscle?