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small farmers and tenants

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Cropper and Van Houtven, however, suggest that prior to 1987 the agency was indeed considering costs before issuing regulations.
But when club owners - Mark Potts, Malcolm Mercer and Phillip Cropper - spotted the video footage they hatched a plan to extort pounds 70,000 from Crowe.
It was in the news last week following reports of a visit by Iraq's new minister for human rights, Bakhtiar Amin, to the prison's most highly valued detainee, ousted Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, whose life has certainly come a cropper since a U.
forces would close Basra's Camp Bucca and move all detainees to al-Taji and Cropper in Baghdad.
3 million, although according to Mark Cropper TFP's sales to the aerospace, defence, security and consumer electronics sectors will build strongly in the next 12 months, as the impact of the recession on down stream customers begins to ease.
Steve Cropper ROBIN 2, BILSTON ASKED his opinion of Steve Cropper, Rolling Stone Keith Richards simply replied: "Perfect, man.
The family of Ms Cropper said: "Our mum was an amazing loving lady who left us all too soon.
Cropper has been appointed to the board of directors of its general partner, NGL Energy Holdings LLC.
But for Roy Cropper the day holds a very different kind of trial.
Roy Cropper gets Roy Cropper gets |anxious as he prepares to scatter Hayley's ashes But for Roy Cropper the day holds a very different kind of trial.
Created by British design house, Lazerian, and supported by British paper mill, James Cropper, the designs include an homage to New York hot dog sellers by Spanish design company, Munye&Co complete with ketchup logos.
Steve Cropper and The Animals, The Globe, Cardiff IT IS 49 years since The Animals scored their first top 20 hit in the UK, and there is only one founder member still in the starting line-up, drummer John Steel.
NEXT Thursday, The Sage's Hall 2 brings two popular music institutions together on the same bill under the title Animals & Friends with Special Guest Steve Cropper.
A MAN accused of murdering Southport grandmother Anne Marie Cropper is to stand trial next year.