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Synonyms for farm



Synonyms for farm

be a farmer

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collect fees or profits

cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques

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To be adopted by growers, poplar produced on croplands must economically outperform other crops.
The land-sparing that these three technologies could make possible adds up to 208 million acres of cropland and essentially all of the 614 million acres of pastureland in the United States.
Since the mid-19th century, the percentage of the planet covered by cropland has more than doubled, from 14 percent to 37 percent.
Analysis of land cover within 2-km radii around nest sites indicated that ferruginous hawks nested in areas with a high proportion of sandsage habitat and with a low proportion of CRP grassland and cropland (Fig.
s] for the bottom water supply method followed the sequence: grassland > orchard > farmland > cropland.
At the same time, it distinguishes between gross and net expansion of cropland.
Survey participants estimated that non-irrigated cropland across the region was worth an average $3,141 per acre in the second quarter of 2013.
The annual grain crops that perennials will replace now occupy three-fourths of the world's cropland.
Replacing 100 per cent of the world's cropland with forest--an unrealistic scenario--would only reduce this by 0.
Meanwhile Oklahoma, which has been hit harder by this year's drought, saw cropland climb 10.
Summary: Schemes to convert croplands or marginal lands to forests will make almost no inroads against global warming this century, a scientific study published Sunday said.
We relied on FAO estimates of the total hectares of irrigated cropland in each country (FAOStat 2005, Siebert et al.
2 million acres of cropland and pasture to organic production systems in 2003.
and the EU indicate that short-term targets of up to a 13 percent displacement of petroleum-based fuels with liquid bio-fuels (bio-ethanol and bio-diesel) appear feasible on available cropland.
Such adaptability is especially important on marginal cropland used for cow-calf operations, whereby beef cows draw nutrients from forage rather than grains.