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Synonyms for farm



Synonyms for farm

be a farmer

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collect fees or profits

cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques

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This study presents a novel analysis that draws on publicly available satellite-based cropland data and a spatially explicit land ownership database that was developed by the authors.
Although the Ag Credit Survey has the advantage of distinguishing between nonirrigated cropland, irrigated cropland, and ranchland, the current sample of respondents does not cover the entire District.
Constraint (2) regulated that tillable land of studied agricultural region is occupied by cropland and forestland.
If cultured beef entirely replaced the conventional kind, that would mean 35 million acres of cropland, million acres of pastureland, and 55 million acres of land used to grow hay could revert to nature.
Some of this land was once used for growing produce for the Morgan Foods business, but in recent years, the Morgan family has leased the cropland for use in growing corn, soybeans and wheat.
that forces announced its decision to seize 79 dunums of cropland in Ras Salah
The conversion of forests into cropland worldwide has triggered an atmospheric change that, while seldom considered in climate models, has had a net cooling effect on global temperatures, according to a new Yale study.
Estimates from the latest National Resources Inventory--a nationwide survey of non-federal land conducted by USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service--also show that every state developed rural land and lost cropland soil to erosion between 2007 and 2010.
At the same time, it distinguishes between gross and net expansion of cropland.
These studies show that the breakeven price will be higher the larger the net returns that the landowner obtains from the existing use of the land and, thus, it will be higher for productive cropland and lower for low quality marginal land.
Global food production could be increased substantially without clearing more land for agriculture simply by harvesting existing cropland more frequently, according to a new study published in Environmental Research Letters.
Farmers and investors expect cropland values to remain stable through the third quarter, despite declining crop commodity prices.
A total of 55 houses have been toppled and about 350 hectares of cropland have been damaged as a result of the rain.
The objectives of this study were to: (1) detect the effect of the WRP on changes in major soil properties by comparison with forest and cropland soils, and (2) compare the natural and anthropogenic impacts controlling such changes.
Finally, while forests do reduce atmospheric carbon, they are also darker than most cropland.