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Synonyms for rotation

Synonyms for rotation

circular movement around a point or about an axis

occurrence in successive turns

Synonyms for rotation

(mathematics) a transformation in which the coordinate axes are rotated by a fixed angle about the origin

a planned recurrent sequence (of crops or personnel etc.)

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We selected treatments 5 to 8 to test some of the crop rotation options (table 2).
1: Effects of preplant fallowing, crop rotation and fumigation on growth on 'Nemaguard' peach rootstock in microplot trials near Parlier.
05) in the organic matter fractions between land uses (continuous wheat, crop rotation, crop-pasture rotation, and pasture) but not the tillage treatments.
Colonisation of subterranean clover bioassay plants by AMF varied from 21 to 61%; it was lower in crop rotation (DD) soil and greater in crop-pasture (NT) and perennial pasture soil than in all other treatments (Fig.
In addition, the significant cultivation method (tillage and crop rotation) x depth interaction for Pi fractions in the current study suggests that crop rotations and tillage practices affected the distribution of inorganic P pools throughout the soil profiles.
They superimposed the multi-model average climate projections onto data from 15 to 17 years of experiments with three crop rotation systems--wheat-fallow, wheat-corn-fallow, and wheat-corn-millet--to see how yields might be affected in the future.
c) There were no on-farm studies on the long-term residual effects of crop rotations on soil properties.
She and colleagues found that CRP lands, pastures, and fields with crop rotations had higher microbial populations and shifts in the community composition.
Archer has also used field-research information to assess the economic and ecological impacts of specific crop rotations (for example, continuous corn, corn-soybean, and corn-soybean-spring wheat-alfalfa) and tillage systems (conventional tillage or ridge-, strip-, and no-till conservation systems).
The plots in the experiment that use crop rotation have always raised the cotton yield some, but the rotations really improve yield when conservation tillage is used.
Because the disease lives in the soil and infects a myriad of plants, growers have limited options for using other crop rotations to break the fungus' life cycle.
Farmers are beginning to see the benefits of crop rotations and working these rotations into a conservation tillage system," he says.
Best of all, growers net more profit with new crop rotations," he says.
Their experiment compared traditional crop rotations with conventional tillage to 3-year rotations with conservation tillage.
Crop rotation has become a proven way to boost crop yields on the Ranft farm.