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Synonyms for rotation

Synonyms for rotation

circular movement around a point or about an axis

occurrence in successive turns

Synonyms for rotation

(mathematics) a transformation in which the coordinate axes are rotated by a fixed angle about the origin

a planned recurrent sequence (of crops or personnel etc.)

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Dung TV, Diep CN, Vien DM, Guong VT, Dominguez P, Merckx R, Springael D (2010) Diversity of the Actinomycetes community colonizing rice straw residues in cultured soil undergoing various crop rotation systems in Mekong Delta of Vietnam.
The main blocks of the long-term experiment were the crop rotation variates, the sub-blocks were the irrigation treatments and the crop protection models for winter wheat and the plant density treatments in the case of maize.
Crop rotation reduces soil erosion, replenishes nutrients, and mitigates pathogens and pests, which attack certain species of plants.
Stationary experiment on studying the effect of application of soil tillage methods in arable crop rotation on the yield of agricultural crops is a time-consuming test, registered in the VNIIA RF geo-system certificates register of long-term experiments under the title "Theoretical and technological bases of biogeochemical matter fluxes in agricultural landscapes.
Similarly inclusion of allelopathic crops in crop rotation and intercropping showed encouraging results regarding weed control.
Crop rotation is the practice of growing a series of dissimilar types of crops in the same area in sequential seasons.
Such varieties could be welcome news for growers in Pacific Northwest and North Central states where Aphanomyces outbreaks threaten the valued role that peas and other legumes play in cereal-based crop rotation systems.
The CAP reforms will allow member states to operate their own environmental benefit schemes if they can demonstrate that they provide equivalent benefits to the EU's crop rotation, permanent pasture and ecological focus area prescriptions.
Crop rotation traditionally took care of the problem.
The inventions outscored the fishing net, the plough, the cork, crop rotation and the knife, as judged by members of the UK's national academy of science.
It evaluates the administrative burden or red tape for farmers associated with support for activities such as training, diversification, modernisation, organic farming, crop rotation, reduction of fertilisers and catch crops.
So crop rotation, invented by farmers before the days of pesticides, is a good way to maintain soil hygiene and keep it evenly balanced, with the addition of lots of organic matter when needed.
Crop rotation is an old system invented by farmers to control pests and diseases before the days of pesticides, and is a good way to maintain good soil hygiene.
CROP rotation are to maximise and keep your healthy.
Organic farming works in harmony with nature and uses techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, compost, and biological pest control.