crop failure

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the failure of crops to produce a marketable surplus

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Favorable weather led to larger crops in California and Washington, but a frost in Utah precipitated a crop failure.
This was primarily as a result of a crop failure across the region with the downturn in volumes of 50% typical across national crops in the south-east African region.
The scheme provided financial backing to pay for an independent agronomist's report to support individual claims after some growers suffered almost complete crop failure.
Much of the arable land was carried away, and the close proximity of the glaciers caused massive crop failure due to low temperatures.
The return of passion fruit after a crop failure last year helped it boost sales of still drinks by 6.
22 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In response to significant crop failure caused by lack of rains in Madagascar in early 2006, the U.
6 million children under the age of five are on the brink of starvation due to drought, crop failure and the loss of livestock.
In one example, desperate subsistence farmers displaced by desertification and crop failure are more likely to cultivate poppies as part of the drug trade, which is intrinsically linked to insecurity in Afghanistan.
The lack of water availability not only affects women's productivity and health, but also the quality of their gardens, which is the only source of food in cases of crop failure and drought.
Payment in this experimental pilot project will be triggered if data gathered over a period from March to October 2006 indicates that rainfall has been significantly below historic averages, pointing to the likelihood of widespread crop failure.
Rise of deliveries was majorly due to by crop failure in the nation because of unfavorable weather conditions.
This is to reduce the suffering of the population in the state due the crop failure in 2014, high prices of the sorghum in the market and the presence of high percentage of the poor population according to household survey report 2008", partly reads the order.
The perennial drought in Bundelkhand region has forced farmers to sit on dharnas and hunger strike to protest against the dilly dallying attitude of the governments and the insurance companies in paying them against crop failure.
Talking about the crop failure in the Vidarbha region, Tiwari said: "Of the total 9,000,000 hectares of crop damaged in Maharashtra owing to poor monsoon till September last, 4,000,000 hectares were from Vidabrha.
Livestock also provides security to farmers against crop failure.