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singing in a soft low tone

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the act of singing popular songs in a sentimental manner

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White Fang, still wrought up and bristling, growled and growled, the hair slowly lying down, the crooning note remote and dim, but growing in his throat.
Jen and Christian's singing styles may be polar opposites-he's partial to ballads that demand properly placed, lyrical crooning, while she does well in radio-ready jams with an improvisational, pop-rock vibe.
BRITS facing the final curtain have put Frank Sinatra at the top of the funeral charts with crooning classic My Way.
The flash mob took most shoppers in amazement, especially when the students started crooning one at a time from different spots in the foyer.
We didn't notice any crooning over the sandwich's 1,140 calories and day's worth of saturated fat (18 grams) seasoned with close to a two-day supply of sodium (2,780 milligrams).
He performed his 30-hour medley of crooning classics and pop standards at a supermarket in Shipley, West Yorkshire, under the rules set out by the Guinness World Records organisation.
Notably, a budget procreation vacation features the crooning of Barry Gibb and an aphrodisiac milkshake containing sea bass.
All members of neighboring groups responded to predator-induced crooning by loudly repeating the sequence of notes.
HOLLYOAKS hottie Chris Fountain wowed telly viewers with his crooning in BBC1's Just The Two Of Us, and now we can exclusively reveal that top record company bosses are keen to sign him up.
Produced by Chicago's John McEntire (who's brought a cool edge to records by Stereolab and other bands), Red kicks off with "Yellowcake," an ethereal lullaby laid on beauteous pillows of brisk percussion, flowing guitars, and angelic crooning.
The Taffetas'' opened off-Broadway in the late 1980s, almost two years before ``Forever Plaid,'' which features a male four-member singing group crooning 1950's tunes, opened in 1990.
Incense burn and the silky crooning of the Stylistics set the mood.
He's teamed up with King Kahn and the results are just as good--minimal, but not minimalist, with killer crooning up front.
Another multi-generational work, it contains the usual physical risk and is described as a series of solos set to Latin music and pop crooning, with "stark white walls" as the setting.
Both the artistry and mystery of jazz singer Jimmy Scott has intrigued music aficionados, enduring fans, fellow musicians and avid listeners ever since he began crooning in the 1940s.