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Synonyms for crookedness

lack of smoothness or regularity

departure from what is legally, ethically, and morally correct

Synonyms for crookedness

a tortuous and twisted shape or position

having or distinguished by crooks or curves or bends or angles

the quality of being deceitful and underhanded


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There is simply too much crookedness going on in society.
28) Bureaucratic crookedness facilitated the theft of Indigenous lands and resources, and impeded legal challenges by Indigenous peoples.
Thus, in August 2013, only 13 percent flatly rejected any suspicions of Putin's moral crookedness, abuse of power, or criminal financial machinations; a majority of the respondents readily admitted negative opinions about top government officials.
He has also been inciting fans at Minneapolis to roast umpires and the like, and now seeks to pass it off by charging crookedness on the part of the umpires.
In former times there was a king called *Ratnagiri, who governed by relying on the Dharma, without any crookedness, being in control over this realm of Jambudvipa.
In places like Kansas, where raw limbs from Osage orange trees make up a good portion of the wooden posts in play, hydraulic post drivers are not generally impeded by bark, irregularities in trank shape or mild crookedness.
Roosevelt, who formed the Bull-Moose party after losing the nomination, said Taft had veered away from progressivism and toward the "forces of reaction and political crookedness.
Mathai, too, figures in the book, not for his so-called brilliance but for his crookedness and sterling snake-like character.
It closes with Herbert's persona praying for 'simplicitie', so that he may 'For this poore wreath'--artifice expressive of the crookedness deforming his life --instead give God a true, unmarred 'crown of praise'.
It's a little bit about everything, about tribal bureaucracy and crookedness.
Describing Mowat as "a Smallwood-hater," Alan himself compared the Newfoundland leader to Huey Long and wrote that the "graft and crookedness of Joey's boys" made Quebec Premier Maurice Duplessis "look pretty clean by comparison.
But he was also the protector of those sick with "unsteady step, trembling limbs, limping knees, bent fingers and hands, paralysed hands, lameness, crookedness, and withering body.
Fraud, inappropriate charges to Medicare, and just general crookedness that would land you or me in jail have become commonplace.
When the crookedness is straightened, he gets aside with a breakage or two to lament and decry the apathy, confirmed to him.