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Synonyms for crookedness

lack of smoothness or regularity

departure from what is legally, ethically, and morally correct

Synonyms for crookedness

a tortuous and twisted shape or position

having or distinguished by crooks or curves or bends or angles

the quality of being deceitful and underhanded


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This paper, which is based on an actual mill study conducted in Alabama in 2003, discusses the impact of curve sawing on southern pine dimension lumber manufacturing with emphasis on potential improvements in lumber volume and value yields associated with various input log distributions in terms of size and severity of sweep or crookedness.
Initial axial crookedness of the columns and cross beam of the analyzed frame gradually increase with increasing load until ultimate limit state has been reached.
It even accelerated through the 2000s, characterized by the discrete but cumulatively devastating steps of China's accession to the WTO; the globalization of production; the debauching of the US dollar to pay for George Bush's wars; the world-wide housing bubble of the 2000s; and the usual attendant parasitical phenomena, well-known to economic historians, of wildly leveraged speculation, gambling with debt, and plain crookedness.
Teeuwen cites an infamous example of a European Union role (later abolished) that imposed constraints on the crookedness of cucumbers.
On this day, people resolve to cut ten heads-passion, pride, anger, greed, infatuation, lust, hatred, jealousy, selfishness and crookedness.
A scrawny man with brow-darkened eyes and a fresh crookedness barbing his face as if he'd been howling or banging his head against the wall.
Letinsky loves the drama of this equation, and adds a crookedness related to Cubist and Surrealist still life.
Is wholesale crookedness, assuming that Belgium has it, really the worst thing that can befall a country?
THERE IS plenty of crookedness to be exposed in Russia.
A student of Buddha's teachings and a firm believer in clean, healthy living, Deshpande brushes off the suggestion that politics is a game that perhaps demands a bit of crookedness in the name of diplomacy: "Not at all.
Improved overall mill performance also could be achieved through computerization and automation and by taking advantage of the advances in scanning and optimization technologies to efficiently and profitably process sawlogs including those that are heretofore considered submarginal because of severe sweep or crookedness (Foster 1990; Blackman 1996; Carino et al.
Only then will we realise our crookedness and the need for a fresh start.
I]nciting, inducing, seducing, hustling" (2009: 55-6), these are but a few of the resourceful tactics through which Dingz, both victim and beneficiary, works to feel 'here at home' in the casual crookedness and strangling bureaucracy which have become part of a South Africa post 1994.
If you're not certain of the root cause of the crookedness, change tension both higher and lower to reveal the location of the misalignment.
Their names and photographs appeared frequently in the newspapers, but they were slightly ridiculous figures; stories about their illiteracy or crookedness constantly circulated.