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Synonyms for crookedly

in a crooked lopsided manner


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Children brought up crookedly, Any infant cradled wrongly, Never learns the way of things, Never acquires a mind mature However old he grows to be Or however strong in body.
David Lloyd was bowled by Chapple for 15 when he played most crookedly at a ball outside his off and succeeded only in edging it onto his middle stump for Chapple's 982nd first-class wicket.
Rain slams against the window, falling crookedly in front of Joe's face as he puts his hand onto cool glass, feeling water hit.
What and whom exactly do you see // when I am weary-eyed but wired, crookedly / looking up to you as you look down on me?
Dabbling clumsily in some big themes, the six interlocking stories hang crookedly in a Night Gallery that's the giddy limit.
One arm waved crookedly in front of his chest, while the other was jammed somewhere beneath him.
AS EVER PRESENT as the Bible on the chiffonier, Mama's cookbook leaned crookedly against the window flame above the kitchen counter.
A gray newsboy cap rested crookedly on his head, and he was criminally unshaven.
The barrel itself was fine, but he reinstalled the quarter-rib scope base so crookedly the rifle couldn't be sighted-in with any scope in my collection.
Tattered walls seep dampness, broken roof beams spear-pointed the sky, empty window frames gaped like missing teeth, the staircase hung crookedly and most of the steps were missing.
Tsarnaev, 19, smiled crookedly -- he appeared to have a jaw injury -- at his sisters as he arrived in court.
The S was a slightly crooked so the girl had to fly crookedly.
They called to each other their projects and plans, they streamed into and out of studios, they set out on hikes and pleinairs, played boules and talked American films, they confided to absent family, present friends, sat crying upon porches or sobbing in each other's arms, made love together or came alone under the chateau (whose ruin sat crookedly upon the hill like a crown), and in the artistic freedom of their boredom, so well provided for, entertained also fantasies of prison, slavery, and suicide.
He sat crookedly in his seat, as usual, so the chest plate of his body armor faced the shoulder of the road.
No sooner have I sat down opposite Dame Vivien--a sprightly, charismatic woman in her mid-sixties--than this visible care for order is borne out in a moment of what feels like friendly comedy; she has me back on my feet, straightening out a photograph hanging 'so crookedly it's unreal' in the corner of her office.