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Synonyms for crookedly

in a crooked lopsided manner


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It has been crookedly built around phony development and wrong done to Nawaz Sharif under state patronage.
It is almost as if it is now a law that the scrum-half must feed crookedly.
In an uncanny echo of the postmodern temporal layering in Trojan Barbie, Schneider describes the queasy action of reenactment: "Touching time against itself, by bringing time again and again out of joint into theatrical, even anamorphic, relief presents the real, the actual, the raw and the true as, precisely, the zigzagging, diagonal, and crookedly imprecise returns of time.
Most people can pick up and wield a hammer, although they may end up driving the nails crookedly.
Many have tried to correct crookedly drilled bores by using long reamers to try to straighten things out, but results are extremely variable and usually not too impressive.
Children brought up crookedly, Any infant cradled wrongly, Never learns the way of things, Never acquires a mind mature However old he grows to be Or however strong in body.
David Lloyd was bowled by Chapple for 15 when he played most crookedly at a ball outside his off and succeeded only in edging it onto his middle stump for Chapple's 982nd first-class wicket.
I do not rebel against my God, I simply 'do not accept his world,'" Alyosha suddenly smiled crookedly.
Travis was around back, lying crookedly, one leg hanging off the ledge, smoking a cigarette through a mask--a dirty brown, wood-grained mask.
Rain slams against the window, falling crookedly in front of Joe's face as he puts his hand onto cool glass, feeling water hit.
What and whom exactly do you see // when I am weary-eyed but wired, crookedly / looking up to you as you look down on me?
Dabbling clumsily in some big themes, the six interlocking stories hang crookedly in a Night Gallery that's the giddy limit.
It was not long before all the passengers in the carriage were au fait, aware, appraised, to put it in triplicate: some had picked up on our disquiet and fear, others showed themselves to be doubtful, but even they were gripped by a crawling chill, while others still smiled crookedly, laughed.
One arm waved crookedly in front of his chest, while the other was jammed somewhere beneath him.