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Synonyms for crooked

Synonyms for crooked

having bends, curves, or angles

marked by dishonesty, especially in matters of public trust

ruthlessly seeking personal advantage

Synonyms for crooked

having or marked by bends or angles

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not straight

irregular in shape or outline


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having the back and shoulders rounded

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And when you tire of walking, hop on a cable car to ride down some of the steepest and crookedest roads in the world, jumping off for a free visit to the cable car museum in Mason Street.
Proud of living in the back country, proud of living in the same place his whole life, proud of his ability to shoot squirrels and wild pigs, proud of whatever local quirks made his county be poorest or the crookedest (a term that could apply to both the slope of the roads and the quality of the politicians) or the most notorious place in the hills.
The 'Gate-less Community," July/August) Those good ol' boys--awash in oil, money, graft, and slick bookkeeping--are turning out to be more crooked than the crookedest two-bit Texan card shark.
ON the banks of the Mississippi, which Mark Twain once called ``the crookedest river in the world,'' Mike Tyson insists he has turned another corner.
18 down San Francisco's Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the world, then hand off to his wife.
We have Lombard, the crookedest street in the world, `cable cars climbing halfway to the stars,' Alcatraz with all its mystique, and the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.
The diary does offer hints that she had the ability to describe effectively as when she observes some German immigrants "standing before a boarding house with a sign inscribed in the crookedest letters, all the capitals like flying dragons, which they seemed to be reading.
The latest pastime that's caught their fancy is Cruiser Bob's Haleakala Downhill, an absorbing and, Bob contends, "safe" plunge by bicycle down 38 miles of the crookedest, steepest road in the world from the crater's rim toward the sea.
Called by historians "the longest, crookedest, most arduous pack-mule route in America," the Old Spanish Trail was established by 1829 as a link from Santa Fe to Los Angeles.