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Synonyms for crookback

a person whose back is hunched because of abnormal curvature of the upper spine

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characteristic of or suffering from kyphosis, an abnormality of the vertebral column

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Crookback 'I back ed a walked a spot past I knew and 3 3 on his was yhe grave' the was Bosworth osworth
Apparently believing another Richard play would be timely and profitable, Philip Henslowe hired Ben Jonson to write one called Richard Crookback, using the by-then familiar derogatory label (Greg 168).
His fuhrer is a broken crookback who hides a madly twitching left hand behind his back while handing out medals to pre-pubescent Hitler Youth defenders of the crumbling capital before disappearing back underground to nurse his suicidal paranoia and curse his broken dreams.
Lynan and his friends, the warrior Kumul, the crookback Ager, and the student magician Jenrosa are forced to flee their home in Kendra.
His crookback Nibelung summoned not only pity, but even sympathy at times.
Crookback y on the back ed a 'I walked a spot past I knew and 3 3 on his was dhe ed grave' the died at Field in
British history has certainly been shared between England and Wales, since Henry Tudor defeated Richard Crookback at Bosworth Field.
8) Some of the plays clearly had an eye on the rivals across the river, and offered parallel roles: Richard Crookback, by Ben Jonson; Caesar's Fall, by Munday, Drayton, Webster, and Middleton; A Danish Tragedy, by Henry Chettle.
The role of Warwick, this time undoubled, has 368 lines, Edward of York has 322, Richard Crookback has 287, and Henry the VI has 198.
Clifford, Suffolk and Somerset, and hello to Richard the Crookback and his brother, Teddy.
And the foolish marriage prompts crookback Gloucester to deliver an excited soliloquy of over seventy lines as he revels in ambitious plans to seize the crown.