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favoritism shown to friends and associates (as by appointing them to positions without regard for their qualifications)

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The statement read: "I reject any accusations of cronyism.
After weeks of protests in Iraq calling for an end to corruption; and seeking better government services and wide-ranging reforms, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has proposed canceling the country s multiple vice president and deputy prime minister posts, as part of a series of measures to quell the unrest, fix Iraq s rampant cronyism, and shore up state funds.
Nonetheless, the allegations of cronyism have clearly irritated the prime minister who was already facing claims that he was abandoning the traditional emphasis on human rights in his desperation to win recovery-boosting deals with Beijing.
They provide benefits to those in government in exchange for the benefits the regulatory regime provides them, which is cronyism.
Jon Collins, from independent think-tank the Police Foundation, said commissioners choosing deputies would need to face allegations of cronyism head-on if they are to keep the public's confidence.
Rosen said, acknowledging how rife the School Department was with patronage, cronyism and overpaid administrators during his stint on the board.
Members of Congress who have consistently opposed this misguided legislative cronyism should be commended.
And the reason it is a cause for concern is not because of cronyism per se, but because our national standards of acceptable cronyism have so dramatically declined.
The only way such a work could ever see print is through a network of cronyism.
As if the revelations of cronyism and incompetence at the Federal Emergency Management Agency weren't enough, he had to utter lines straight out of some nasty comedy skit intended to portray him as the president of rich white men (most infamously, his comment that he was "looking forward to sitting on the porch" of Sen.
Let's not forget "An End to a Culture of Cronyism, Incompetence, and Corruption in America"--about as sexy as Man Greenspan naked.
Environmental shenanigans are nothing new in Connecticut, whose Republican governor, John Rowland, resigned last summer amid widespread charges of self-enrichment and cronyism.
Spin and cronyism, but Iraq will bury him -- hopefully.
The complaint details malfeasance, including arbitrary and illegal personnel practices, cronyism, and employee "gag orders," and it calls for an independent investigation of Bloch's office.
Shadow Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley last night called for watchdog, the National Audit Commission, to look into the awarding of the contract amid claims the situation laid the Government open to accusations of cronyism.