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favoritism shown to friends and associates (as by appointing them to positions without regard for their qualifications)

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Nominations based on favor and political cronyism negate the purpose and validity of the Senate and ultimately of the whole democratic process.
Astonishingly, a fifth of today's knighthoods went to MPs, despite the PM trying to avoid the cronyism accusations that dogged her predecessor, David Cameron.
The challenge for Ramaphosa will be to unite all the factions of the party to ensure that it can harness that potential, and for too long the ANC has been riven asunder by the politics of personality and the glad-handing and cronyism of its leadership.
The allegation involving SR comes as no surprise according to one commentator as Korean society is plagued by cronyism.
The 63-year-old Abe called the poll amid opposition disarray and an uptick in approval ratings that had slid due to a series of scandals over suspected cronyism.
The post Neophytou denies cronyism after email leak appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
It's a little rich for Furman, a representative of the Obama administration, to decry cronyism and consolidation, though.
If Prime Minister Theresa May is offering anything different she would reject Cameron's cronyism and the austerity that has been the Tory Party's economic policy for the past six years.
The cronyism row was sparked by reports that Mr Cameron had recommended knighthoods for four pro-EU cabinet colleagues - Philip Hammond, Michael Fallon, Patrick McLoughlin and David Lidington.
In an outpour on Twitter, Imran said Prime Minister Nawaz had perfected the art of cronyism and had appointed an election fixer to fix Pakistan cricket.
Labour MP Jess Phillips said: "It is the latest example of David Cameron's cronyism.
Cronyism may also reduce growth by allowing the wealthy to exert greater influence on political policy, creating inefficient subsidies for themselves and unfair penalties for their rivals.
RUTH Davidson yesterday slammed Nicola Sturgeon for presiding over a Government "increasingly defined by cronyism and incompetence".
After weeks of protests in Iraq calling for an end to corruption; and seeking better government services and wide-ranging reforms, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has proposed canceling the country s multiple vice president and deputy prime minister posts, as part of a series of measures to quell the unrest, fix Iraq s rampant cronyism, and shore up state funds.
What he did not foresee were allegations of cronyism after it emerged that a number of the 120-strong delegation he flew out to Beijing included his stepfather-in-law Viscount Astor, a neighbour, a former aide and a Tory party donor.