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a prehistoric megalithic tomb typically having two large upright stones and a capstone

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Chris Martin, of Clwyd-Powys Archeological Trust, said cromlechs were more common in "places like Gwynedd and Pembrokeshire" than elsewhere in Wales.
This cromlech is the largest site of its kind on the Iberian Peninsula and among the oldest known monuments.
and is our image of cromlech distribution thus slightly distorted, or should it be more nuanced?
Medi 9fed, 2012 yn dawel yn ei gartref Y Stabal, Cromlech, Y Ffor, Pwllheli, yn 88 mlwydd oed.
YEAR OF BIRDS, JIMMY FLOYD HASSELBAIND and CROMLECH play Middlesbrough's Westgarth Social Club on Thursday.
Mid-morning heat is baking the hill as we begin the short but steep climb from the information centre along the road near the village of Dolni Glavanak, about 36km from the town of Harmanli, up a gravel path to Cromlech, which signboards (in Bulgarian and English) describe as the "Bulgarian Stonehenge".
It was surely one of the local landmarks that Thelwall pointed out to Wordsworth and Coleridge, and is thus likely one of the originals for Pompey's Pillar, the Druid cromlech or the Theban obelisk in The Excursion.
34) Thus, Tennyson rejects limiting his Arthur to any local, provincial tradition that "cleaves to cairn and cromlech still" ("To the Queen," l.
El escultor espanol Eduardo Chillida, segun el mismo relato, concibio en 1996, tras una especie de sueno-revelacion, un descomunal proyecto que llegaria a convertirse en un destello de lo sublime, similar al cromlech antes mencionado.
Se recogen entradas que tienen un plural invariable (cactus, cromlech, ONG) y otros casos que admiten mas de una forma valida (clubs o clubes, tabus o tabues).
Sin embargo, lo importante de todo esto es que Stonehenge no es una construccion asilas, es decir, que hay otros "templos" circulares, semicirculares construidos con megalitos, no solo en las cercanias del cromlech, sino en otras partes del mundo y, fundamentalmente, que Stonhenge, antes que tumulo funerario u observatorio astronomico, es un mandala proyectado a la arquitectura mas primitiva y conlleva todas las implicaciones que de ello se deriva.
Andrew Brink, Loss and Symbolic Repair: A Psychological Study of Some English Poets (Hamilton, Ontario: The Cromlech Press, 1977); David Aberbach, Surviving Trauma: Loss, Literature and Psychoanalysis (New Haven/London: Yale University Press, 1989).
He is said to have lived in a cromlech near Lambourn, Berkshire, since called Wayland Smith's Cave, and legend relates that, if a traveler tied up his horse there, left sixpence for a fee, and retired from sight, he would find the horse shod on his return.
Aaron Fielding, from Cromlech Park, Portstewart, Co Derry, was convicted over an incident at the town's promenade on September 25.
Fellow climber Peter Vaughan-Smith told an inquest in Caernarfon that he had asked Mr Roberts, from Betws-y-Coed, to guide him up Dinas Cromlech in the Llanberis Pass on the morning of July 17 last year.