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Synonyms for croissant

very rich flaky crescent-shaped roll

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Think of a California Sushi Roll: Salmon, Seaweed, wasabi & ginger rolled in CROISSANT DOUGH, baked and served with Kikkoman Soy," Tzimas said of the crossushi on (https://www.
It is a wonder that the dough did not collapse in the oven, although the excess yeast explains why it was shaped nothing like a croissant.
Wind the little croissant strips around the chipolatas, leaving a little gap at one end to make a slit for the eyes.
En Tunisie, le croissant lunaire ne sera visible qu'a partir du lundi correspondant au 28 juillet 2014.
Dans une allocution a cette occasion, SAR la Princesse Lalla Malika a mis l'accent sur le role de l'organisation du Croissant rouge marocain dans la consecration des fondements de l'action humanitaire benevole, la diffusion des valeurs humanitaires et la promotion des principes de la protection et de secours comme mecanismes d'alleger les souffrances humaines, proteger les vies des gens et leur sante et garantir le respect de la dignite humaine.
The Waitrose croissant (***) could have been lighter, but melted pleasantly enough in the mouth and had a rich, buttery flavour.
His heated croissant crackles as he bites it, the crisped shell shatters.
Jimmy Dean has also added two additional items to its D-lights line of bet-ter-for-you products--D-lights Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowls and D-lights Turkey Sausage Croissant Sandwiches.
In 120 small-town bakeries in the Brittany region of France, a male "customer" would enter when no other customers were present, ask the female employee for a croissant, discover that he was short a half franc (this was pre-euro), and ask to be given the croissant anyway.
Thermo Electron's Weighing and Inspection Business Unit have offered The French Croissant Company a solution for screening flow wrapped packs of various morning goods.
recently announced that it is adding several new flavors to its successful Hot Pockets[R], Lean Pockets[R] and Croissant Pockets[R] brand lines.
Singapore Sam's and the Croissant House are the latest signings, making the development 95 per cent let.
In a medium bowl, toss the croissant halves with syrup to coat.
Recommended items: Soups, crabcakes, chicken Boursin, stuffed pork chop, salmon, steak, chocolate croissant pudding, tarte tatin, raspberry creme brulee.
Another business-luncher ordered the turkey croissant ($6.