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Modern crocodilians mostly are built for the water's edge.
Another promising area is the study of crocodilian cartilage.
The fauna of the Papo-Seco Formation of SW Portugal, consisting of fishes (Lepidotes), crocodilians (cf.
Gharial is evolutionarily the most unique crocodilian -- a specialised river dwelling fisheater, but harmless to humans
After the formation of creches, the vocalization is the main factor of cohesion between the young crocodilian and its pod (group of young of similar age), and their contact with the adults.
This is apparently the first report of this pathological process in a crocodilian kept in captivity.
France Croco, now owned and headed by its founder's son Dan Lewkowicz, provides high quality crocodilian skins, used to make watchstraps, leather goods, ready-to-wear and shoes, to Italian and French fashion houses, including some owned by Kering.
Distribution and status of the crocodilians of Honduras En Proceedings Working Meeting Crocodile Specialist Group.
The ASALA statement accused the Turkish government of "cherishing dreams of a revival of the bloodthirsty Ottoman regime" and said: "We express our solidarity to all the peoples of the area and we declare that the Arab people will decide its destiny and shape its future all alone without the crocodilian tears and hypocritical care of the Turkish ruling circles.
Furthermore we don''t run the risk of being devoured by a crocodilian traffic warden for staying 5 minutes too long on one of the rare street parking spots.
Alligator hunting is a vampire-like crocodilian cruise that ends when you fall asleep or at dawn, whichever comes first.
Any New Labour tears shed over Michael Foot will be crocodilian.
Archosaurs evolved along two different paths, one of which gave rise to the crocodilian ancestors of crocodiles and alligators.
Australia has two of the world's 23 crocodilian species: the Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus) and the Freshwater Crocodile (Crocodylus Johnstoni).