crocodile tears

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a hypocritical display of sorrow

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The APHC Chairman in a media interview in Srinagar said that pro-India leaders particularly the puppet Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah, Peoples Democratic Party patron, Mufti Muhammad Sayeed, and Congress Chief in the occupied territory, Professor Saifuddin Soz, should shun chest-beating and shedding crocodile tears over innocent killings.
Rather than crying crocodile tears over such schemes, what he and the Government should be doing is making it illegal for British subjects and corporations to use offshore banking arrangements.
Next time the TOWIE lot start crying crocodile tears, they'd do well to follow Elizabeth's lead and just get on with it.
I felt (the baby) move the other day for the first time and I had big crocodile tears.
Stephanie Wilkins Chair, Llandaff North Residents' Association * PLAID Cymru's crocodile tears about possible closure of tax offices ("Plaid attack fears over tax offices", June 27) is utter hypocrisy.
While council workers are being thrown on the scrapheap accompanied by the usual smug, self-worshipping crocodile tears that are the stock-in trade of this arrogant left-wing Labour monopoly, could we make a few redundancies among councillors'' ranks?
LAHORE, January 07, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Punjab law minister Rana Sana Ullah had said those who were shedding crocodile tears should tell as to why they had left Suleman Taseer alone.
Crocodile Tears was simultaneously released by Walker Books in November 09 as a hardback book, an e-book and an iPhone application.
While the rest were wailing and weeping crocodile tears, Keane was the only man in the game to tell the Irish to buck up their ideas and stop whingeing about Thierry Henry's handball.
On the more than slightly out there tip comes the Mumps Crocodile Tears 7" on Sympathy for the Record Industry.
Most of the characters are insincere--the title character, early on, sheds crocodile tears at the reported death of her husband, Claudius--so the 20th-century touches in the stylized sets and urban-chic costumes did not clash with the fundamental sophistication of the piece.
Whitehorn and her fellow terrorist activists have been crying buckets of crocodile tears in letter-writing campaigns to Congress and newspapers conc erning the plight of poor Bottom/Muntaqin.
Senator Daschle is shedding crocodile tears over the fate of Eugene Scalia.
Even if you don't believe there's a realistic threat of armed racial conflict, you'd better believe there is a high probability of economic and social decline that will blight the nation's future far more surely than the federal deficit over which so many crocodile tears are shed.
They shed crocodile tears when told they aren't going to manage people.