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large voracious aquatic reptile having a long snout with massive jaws and sharp teeth and a body covered with bony plates

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So the Doctor went to the crocodile and told him he must go back to his circus.
It isn't an alligator," said the Doctor--"it's a crocodile.
The crocodile passes, but soon the boys appear again, for the procession must continue indefinitely until one of the parties stops or changes its pace.
Peter flung my arm," he said, wincing, "to a crocodile that happened to be passing by.
I don't believe no Crocodile never walked along its own forehead
His efforts but served to accelerate the speed of the crocodile, and just as the ape-man realized that he had reached the limit of his endurance he felt his body dragged to a muddy bed and his nostrils rise above the water's surface.
For several minutes the two lay thus, and then a sudden convulsion of the giant carcass at the man's side, a tremor, and a stiffening brought Tarzan to his knees beside the crocodile.
The crocodile, leaving scarcely a ripple behind, sank down and disappeared.
A dozen of the Binu women were out, and the foremost one stepped right on a big crocodile.
Joe was not aware that the inhabitants of the islands of Lake Tchad, like many other negro tribes, plunge with impunity into sheets of water infested with crocodiles and caymans, and without troubling their heads about them.
Some crocodile has feasted well," he said significantly.
As she swam, her mind, filled with the terrors of the night, conjured recollection of the stories she had heard of the fierce crocodiles which infest certain of the rivers of Borneo.
The magistrate who had reminded Gringoire of a crocodile rose,--
However, we returned to those monsters, with fresh wakefulness on my part, and we left their eggs in the sand for the sun to hatch; and we ran away from them, and baffled them by constantly turning, which they were unable to do quickly, on account of their unwieldy make; and we went into the water after them, as natives, and put sharp pieces of timber down their throats; and in short we ran the whole crocodile gauntlet.
It is the wisdom of crocodiles, that shed tears when they would devour.