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Synonyms for crocheting

needlework done by interlocking looped stitches with a hooked needle


creating a garment of needlework

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eight months ago and now has around 2,000 people crocheting for charity around the country, producing tens of thousands of items for newborns DOUG MOODY
However, once I started crocheting, I found it difficult to pull the knots through the crochet loops.
The installation uses the idea of crocheting as a constantly changing framework that can be used to look into the increasing interest in artefacts in contemporary practices.
What makes the Women's Outreach Center so unusual is that the sisters and volunteers use arts and crafts, especially crocheting, as a way of building community and self-esteem among women struggling to transition from shelters to permanent homes.
Whitaker laughingly remembered an old friend's reaction when he first discovered his hobby, "I used to have a buddy who said, when he walked in the door and saw me crocheting, `Now I've seen everything
He said the strangest thing he's seen a man knit was a Scottish codpiece, and that he's currently crocheting three-dimensional models of geometric processes.
Instead of simply throwing away her plastic bags after unpacking the shopping, the mother-of-three has decided to use her long-standing hobby of crocheting to turn them into something useful.
As the disease progressed, Mammy still enjoyed crocheting for a while, the needle and thread moving through her fingers just the way it always had.
In recent years, mathematicians such as Osinga have started knitting and crocheting concrete physical models of hard-to-visualize mathematical objects.
So, for the past 70 years, crocheting has been my favorite pastime.
Crocheting (from the French for 'hook') is basically a variation of knitting
In 1970, at another of my fittings at Karinska's shop, Madame was crocheting a green woolen chain, pulling loop through loop with her crochet hook.
On the surface, crocheting was the common element of the pieces in this exhibition.
However, as time passed, crocheting became less essential as modern conveniences began to make our lives easier.
If you have more than 35 stitches, crocheting is too tight