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a needle with a hook on the end

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You can get a similar result from a crochet hook, and it's PS4 a go (refills: PS7.
7 out of 10 You get a similar result from a crochet hook, and it's PS4 a go (refills: PS7.
For the needle crafter who has learned to crochet by only looking at the picture and then figuring out, by trial and error, how to accomplish the work, and there are some of these folks using their crochet hooks even in this advanced world in which we live today; the photos provide enough detail to allow success when coupled with checking to understand the pattern detail.
The kit includes a custom loop loom, crochet hook, 102 feet of elastic cord in 7 colors, 350 beads in 7 colors, and a cardboard workstation with removable beading trays.
You need to bring a 3mm crochet hook or buy on the day for PS3 (maximum 12).
The Rainbow Loom set comes with a loom and crochet hook apart from the bands.
Right now, though, the focus will be on Hamilton's amazing ability to take a crochet hook to yarn and turn it into portraits that look like the people and places they represent.
All it takes is a crochet hook or knitting needles and some yarn, and then it's a matter of pulling one loop through another loop.
I wrap the thread around in a random fashion and use a crochet hook to slip the loose end under an existing wrap.
A fine crochet hook with a "V" filed in the bottom end for hooking or pushing springs into place.
There is a colorful cast of adult characters, plus a teen boy with a minor role, but teens might relate to the rather tongue-in-cheek representation of the entertainment milieu of San Fernando Valley, California, in which the latest hit movie features a vampire depicted with a crochet hook in his mouth to "snag" his lovers.
The strips are close to an inch wide and she uses a whopping crochet hook.
I'm told the whole family used to get involved in the making of theses mats, cutting up strips of fabric and weaving them through a large mesh base using a tool rather like a large crochet hook.
An instrument that looks like a small crochet hook is used to hook the vein and pull it out through the incision.
Peter Lawrence, MD, chief of vascular surgery at the UCLA School of Medicine, uses a crochet hook to remove varicose veins from lower extremities in a new outpatient procedure called light-assisted stab phlebectomy (LASP).