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a needle with a hook on the end

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To start crocheting, all a person needs is a crochet hook and thread or yarn, and the desire to produce something useful or beautiful, or both.
I wrap the thread around in a random fashion and use a crochet hook to slip the loose end under an existing wrap.
Two silver sugar casters, a set of 10 silver tea and coffee spoons, a silver crochet hook, two silver mustard pots, pairs of modern cuff links, a cut glass bowl, and two cut glass boxes with solid silver lids were also taken from the home.
I'm told the whole family used to get involved in the making of theses mats, cutting up strips of fabric and weaving them through a large mesh base using a tool rather like a large crochet hook.
The chapter on "Getting Started" includes detailed information about how to hold a crochet hook, do various stitches, make rows, turn chains, and increase and finish yarn projects.
My petticoat had a rubber waistband I'd had a lot of trouble putting on with a crochet hook that could barely squeeze through.
Or getting into a rhythm with my crochet hook and a ball of super-soft yarn.
The bag contains a Coats Crafts Learn To Book, two balls of Patons yarns, knitting needles and a crochet hook.
In 1970, at another of my fittings at Karinska's shop, Madame was crocheting a green woolen chain, pulling loop through loop with her crochet hook.
00) steel crochet hook and lift the lower loop over the wrapped yarn and then over the head of the nail.
One of the instruments she used for this was her crochet hook, to make a tablecloth that was raffled provincially as her personal contribution to the scholarship fund.
We're talking here of her menacing needles, a wicked crochet hook, a dangerous needlepoint frame, a vicious embroidery hoop--you name it, she's got it.
The hour of the pink crochet hook in the mesh of yarn