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Synonyms for croaky

low and grating in sound

Synonyms for croaky

like the sounds of frogs and crows


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Once it stops being super sore, having a croaky voice is sort of fun and quite dramatic.
But he was determined to join co-host Tess Daly at the semi and even joked about his croaky voice during last night's programme.
With stronger monetary policies, fiscal policies and growth policies, we will end deflation, correct a high yen, and grow the economy," Abe said passionately, his voice also croaky.
And I don't sound like myself either because I'm all bunged up and croaky.
ROBERT WALEY-COHEN was not the only one to shout himself croaky in the closing stages of the Totesport Cheltenham Gold Cup.
They do expressions when they sing and their voices go high; when I sing high my voice goes all croaky.
She was able to form her first words on October 29, but her voice was croaky, and since then she has been able to improve her ability to speak.
Bonham Carter revealed that she had to spend hours dubbing her tantrums after the filming had wrapped - because she sounded croaky in so many scenes.
TEESSIDE'S Dorothy hopeful Jessica Robinson has made it through to the final six of the BBC competition Over The Rainbow, despite suffering a croaky voice last week.
I broke my sternum too," said a croaky Youcef Cummings.
Her signature croaky voice is in decent mettle, and the attitude certainly hasn't aged.
that sunlit dust evoked, a croaky chorus invoked the antiphon: "O Rising Sun, splendor of Eternal light and brilliant Sun of Justice, come and light up the darkness concealing from us the path to life," and with the singing came the realization that even motes of misery are made merry by the light of God.
But Ferrick's a resourceful alley cat of a performer, and the angst she suffers seeps alluringly into her croaky, staccato vocals and percussive acoustic guitar strums.
I put on my head-mike and loaded up the NaturallySpeaking program one morning before my first cup of coffee to find out what the computer would make of my croaky morning voice.
Ironically, it was Nick who had talked Total Tobacco Company management out of suing him for breach-of-faith, on the grounds that it would do no good to the industry's image to sue a dying man with three kids and 12 grandchildren, especially since his croaky pleas to the nation's youth not to smoke had made him a media darling (at least with the broadcast media since they couldn't accept cigarette ads anyway).