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Synonyms for critique

Synonyms for critique

evaluative and critical discourse

Synonyms for critique

an essay or article that gives a critical evaluation (as of a book or play)

a serious examination and judgment of something

appraise critically

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Critiquing and debriefing ate very different from one another.
He will set up critiques of your pages by two or more NCEW members - you have your choice of a critique of the pages as a whole, or a critique of just the writing - and will be glad to enlist you in critiquing others.
It's important that they get our opinions because most of the time adults think they know what we need but we know best what we need,'' said 16-year-old Jessica Austin, who spent her English class recently reading and critiquing a handful of stories.
Although the book really does not offer a complete solution to the problem of critiquing metaphysics without destroying reason and critiquing historicism without destroying subjectivity, it does suggest that the solution to both problems hes in Fichte's reconception of reason and ethics in the realm of political philosophy.
The exercise of critiquing taught us all to see as designers, and having your work up there before your peers built a tough skin and prepared you to go out there in the industry and compete for clients.
learning to use educational databases; being able to identify a research study; critiquing a research study; presenting to my peers using PowerPoint; critiquing my peers' writing; no positive contribution.
It was during this time that William McGowan, a former Washington Monthly editor and current Manhattan Institute fellow, signed on with Simon & Schuster's Free Press to write a book critiquing how a poorly conceived and executed push to diversify newsgathering organizations was robbing American journalism of its objectivity.
Still others, like acclaimed author Pearl Cleage, lament the possibility of running into critiquing sessions that may hurt rather than help.