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Synonyms for critique

Synonyms for critique

evaluative and critical discourse

Synonyms for critique

an essay or article that gives a critical evaluation (as of a book or play)

a serious examination and judgment of something

appraise critically

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You explained the proper role of government and went on to critique the flawed libertarian aversion to a righteous assertion of government force to defend the rights of citizens against common domestic criminality, as well as threats from international armies and gangs.
For there already exists a fair amount of very suggestive secondary literature aiming to show how Hegel's critique of his predecessors can be understood as anticipating (and in some respects trumping) the poststructuralists' later critique of philosophies of subjectivity.
Les participants etaient invites a se souvenir d'une experience d'echec vecue, devaient s'auto-critiquer et repondre a cette critique.
La revue ETC a toujours ete interessee par les questions relatives a l'ecriture critique sur l'art contemporain.
On regrette cependant que le fait de s'en tenir aux periodiques ne permette pas a Guay de suivre les parcours des critiques qui passent des hebdomadaires aux quotidiens.
This journal has called instead for a different response, which involves the continuing critique of both 'traditional' modes of criticism and of the 'new critical orthodoxies' that developed as radical critiques of those very critical traditions.
This paper attempts to explore and illustrate the basic orientation of Marx's critique of capitalism.
Dans ce sens, il faut toujours proceder a un jugement et choisir les lectures qui servent a jalonner l'histoire de la critique ou, en parlant comme l'auteur, "il s'agit a Ia fois de preserver les textes reconnus comme des elements majeurs de la critique proustienne et de rehabiliter d'eventuels 'oublies'" (32).
Once you've found someone willing to give you honest feedback, it's best to have him or her critique the original work, not photos of it.
APPROACH #3 Finally, we have critiques with work displayed on the bulletin boards.
8220;When Momcomm began, I started offering free blog critiques where I critique a blog in exchange for the critique being public for others to learn from,” said Momcomm owner Melissa Culbertson.
We each had to write detailed critiques for two of our team members.
We suggest that having students respond to their peers in writing rather than orally and positioning students to write their critiques from a strong knowledge base are key elements in making peer critique valuable to the responder.
The difficulties and the advantages of giving oral critiques of student speeches are discussed.