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Synonyms for critique

Synonyms for critique

evaluative and critical discourse

Synonyms for critique

an essay or article that gives a critical evaluation (as of a book or play)

a serious examination and judgment of something

appraise critically

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This journal has called instead for a different response, which involves the continuing critique of both 'traditional' modes of criticism and of the 'new critical orthodoxies' that developed as radical critiques of those very critical traditions.
APPROACH #3 Finally, we have critiques with work displayed on the bulletin boards.
With over eleven years experience in marketing communications, owner Melissa Culbertson provides weekly blog critiques, articles and more to help bloggers up their awesome.
I'd worked hard in between editorials over two months to prepare detailed-but-constructive critiques of my assigned writers.
As my purpose is not to describe Yoder's position in full detail, but rather to consider what resources he and Boyarin offer for thinking of alternatives to separationist ideologies, I'll limit my discussion here to identifying two critiques of his work on Judaism raised by Cartwright and Ochs.
You can almost hear the groan as Shelby, a Harvard philosopher, does the heavy lifting to critique Black nationalist philosophies through the lens of pragmatic philosophy.
Peer critiques comprise a second collaborative course feature.
They could endorse and help maintain this official refusal of reality, or they could resist it, becoming, so to speak, refuses of refusal--probing the conditions of nationalism, war, UN sanctions, and social disintegration with a spectrum of practices ranging from figurative painting to public interventions, from performance art to critique of media representation and neo-Conceptualist tactics.
He then critiques the limits of the Civil Rights sociopolitical ideology of racial uplift and its wide-ranging effects, along with its subjugation of African America's rich aesthetics.
Finally, in a satirical and potentially controversial poem, he critiques one of the nation's leading African American academicians.
His analysis of suffering, in which he critiques the ways in which suffering is viewed as individual rather than as culturally constructed, is also a unique contribution to the literature.
Alterman takes a few jabs at misstatements in Bias and Slander, mostly citing other people's already published critiques.
Yet we must go beyond self-satisfied critiques of the unsuspecting well-intended laity and eager yet inexperienced seminarians.
The Spanish scholars used the new tools of internal textual analysis to defend against charges of genocide and Northern European critiques of the Spanish mind (thereby also defending Spanish colonialism against British, French, and Dutch intrusions).