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From the theoretical side, the criticizers claim mainly the complex mathematical adequacy (concerning the measure of consistency), while the practical experts are against of the arising false conclusions.
In a response to the criticizers, KFF President Safeen Kanaby said, "We have heard that some people criticized KFF's decision on Mahmud's selection for coaching the Kurdistan team.
Lau surprises his criticizers as he refines his performance and excels under the guidance of Hui.
For answering this question, we can consider two general problems of SWOT in the opinion of the most important criticizers of it (Hill, Westbrook 1997):
And just for today, Kipp will be joining the naysayers and criticizers once again, thanks to a recent statement from an RTA official, reported in a typically positive article praising our beloved transport authority.
After rebutting the anti-colonial readings of his novel, Van Booven ends his essay with expressing his admiration and support of imperialism as a whole and Belgian colonialism in particular, hence reinforcing the colonial spirit his criticizers had accused him to lack.