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Synonyms for criticizer

a person who finds fault, often severely and willfully

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A second consideration is how personalized the critique seems--personally indulgent about the criticizer, personally nasty toward the politician.
Turkey turned a blind eye on fighters sneaking through its borders to support the Syrian revolution, and then supported the lesser of the two evils: Al-Nusra Front, as its criticizers claim.
Previously, nearly every AKP official has stigmatized, demonized and condemned all critics and criticizers.
Altaf Hussain said that MQM's vote bank is increasing and that the criticizers will face embarrassing defeat.
Analyst Edmond Ademi said that Lajm's criticizers are trying to minimize what has happened.
When Erdogan described the protestors as "thugs," when he accused his opponents of fabricating lies, and when he threatened that one million supporters of his can take to the street to respond to his opponents, he actually did his criticizers a major favor and severely damaged the ruling experience that he is leading in his country as well as the other Islamic experiences that are looking up to his.
From the theoretical side, the criticizers claim mainly the complex mathematical adequacy (concerning the measure of consistency), while the practical experts are against of the arising false conclusions.
In a response to the criticizers, KFF President Safeen Kanaby said, "We have heard that some people criticized KFF's decision on Mahmud's selection for coaching the Kurdistan team.
Lau surprises his criticizers as he refines his performance and excels under the guidance of Hui.