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Salman Akram tweeted on 15, 18 and 19 May, 2013 in which he criticized ECP.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Until 2010 I criticized the Turkish military for its involvement in civilian politics and faced many difficulties just because of my thoughts.
One female nurse, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the nursing profession is routinely criticized and looked down upon.
Bush has said President Barack Obama should not be criticized for the amount of golf he plays.
NNA - 31/1/2012 - "Future" bloc member Deputy Mouhin Merehbi stressed that all the Lebanese criticized Energy Minister Gebran Bassil and his bloc for their performance in electricity issue and others.
WASHINGTON: The United States on Thursday urged Egypt's interim military rulers to reconsider a military court's verdict to jail a blogger for two years after he criticized the army.
Abid Sher Ali severely criticized the Chairman ECP for not taking action against parliamentarians holding fake degrees and demanded for manacling him after removing from the chairmanship.
The daily reviewed the recent statements issued by the Palestinian faction Fatah, which is the ruling authority in Ramallah, in which it criticized Iran and its policies in the region.
Barber looked inelegant when he criticized his former football coach at NBC's welcoming press conference," groused MarketWatch's Jon Friedman.
Brownback's proposal was quickly criticized by legal scholars as constitutionally suspect.
A similar law in Australia was used by a jailed witch to launch a criminal prosecution of the Salvation Army after it criticized witchcraft.
Many have criticized some Opus Dei members' involvement with fascist regimes in Spain and Chile.
Clooney reenacted lines from a Murrow program called See It Now that documented how McCarthy had already been roundly criticized by newspapers from across the nation by the time Murrow's broadcast aired.
Within days of her new start, Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, who was approved Inauguration Day, criticized a PBS cartoon show that depicts gay couples, supported President Bush's drive to expand high school testing, and took a stand against a lapse in morality judgment.