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While it was generally accepted that at least in some areas of the divine law its reasons were not intelligible, al-Shafi'i's very project as seen earlier was aimed at making the process of legal reasoning fully transparent and thereby criticizable.
While the normative force of his vision remains, Kant is certainly criticizable, and Habermas and others have made the point that his arguments need revision in the light of the events of the last two centuries.
The "spellbinding power of the holy is sublimated into the binding/ bonding force of criticizable validity claims".
Such operations, claimed Chairman Richard Austin of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, "lays us open to the apparent undesirable charge that the action is not justified by the demand for credit but for some other purpose, it may be for boosting business, making a market for securities, o r some other equally criticizable cause that certainly will come back to plague us" (quoted in Chandler, 1971, p.
Benhabib, supra note 41, at 238; see also JURGEN HABERMAS, BETWEEN FACTS AND NORMS: CONTRIBUTIONS TO A DISCOURSE THEORY OF LAW AND DEMOCRACY 25 (1996) ("Naturally, in the course of social evolution the risk of dissension increases with the scope for taking yes/no positions on criticizable validity claims.