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I had no idea that Miss Morse felt so strongly about it or I should not have presumed, even here and amongst ourselves, to criticise a person who holds such a high place in her esteem.
Come, come, Celestine," said Rabourdin; "mix up ideas as much as you please, and make fun of them,--I'm accustomed to that; but don't criticise a work of which you know nothing as yet.
I've heard you criticise ministers pretty sharply yourself," teased Anne.
Regarding himself as the prophet of a supremely important new gospel, he never admitted the possibility of error in his own point of view and was never able to stand aside from his poetry and criticise it dispassionately.
I do not wish to criticise the Catholic Church, I am perfectly orthodox, I believe in its laws and in the works it prescribes.
On Sundays, he never fails to criticise the sermon to the young clergyman's face: always informing Mr.
But it was worth purchasing, even at the heavy price of the Latin Grammar, the happiness of seeing the bright light in the parlor at home, as the gig passed noiselessly over the snow-covered bridge; the happiness of passing from the cold air to the warmth and the kisses and the smiles of that familiar hearth, where the pattern of the rug and the grate and the fire-irons were "first ideas" that it was no more possible to criticise than the solidity and extension of matter.
And what right had he to criticise him in that hasty and unguarded manner?
There are a lot of people doing that, they come out and criticise people in their books.
But Brown says he could never follow Ferguson's lead and use a book to criticise his former players.
I personally do not comprehend entirely why we insult heads of state or why we criticise them.
By all means criticise the government, but if it is merely clearing up someone else's mess such a letter is unfair and misguided.
In a statement here Saturday, Faisal Raza Abidi said it has become a habit of the opposition leader to criticise every step of the government.
Mr Golding said the US were not in a position to criticise BP after refusing to sign the Kyoto Protocol.
The whole point of the piece was not to criticise Mr Young for accepting an invitation to go on Question Time, but rather to criticise the BBC for issuing the invitation in the first place.