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a state of critical urgency

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Differences between the two age groups did emerge for ratings of group criticalness and admiration, but only when the peer group conversation was admiring.
Importantly, Melbourne Water has an excellent understanding of the condition and criticalness of its assets.
Over the course of 2006, the Company carefully reviewed all positions at OFS in order to assess the criticalness of each job position to OFS's operations.
A separate article on the criticalness of an Argentine agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and relations with agreement holdouts is also included in this edition.
A web hosting provider with 11 years of solid experience in server management and web hosting and serves more than 65,000 clients in over 121 countries, Exabytes is keen on reminding offline business owners the criticalness of expanding their businesses online.
Akar presented the opening keynote speech highlighting the criticalness of investing in new products as a way to prepare for a sustainable future.
NNA - 6/7/2012 - Future bloc member, MP Atef Majdalani considered the resurfacing of assassination bids in Lebanon as an indicator to the situation's criticalness and a preparation for the post-Assad stage.
High criticalness in families is often tied to a lack of understanding about illness.
But it is their degree of criticalness, for lack of a better word, that must be considered when assessing their role on the continuum of autonomy and civil liberties.
The cyber criminal's selection criteria for the target network include symbolic significance and criticalness, degree of digitization of values and weakness in defense mechanisms.