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in a critical manner


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Recovering from his astonishment, he laid his head luxuriously on the back of his chair, with the expression of a man who was listening critically to a performance of some sort.
Henry, you look like a play-actor," announced Aunt Em, looking at her husband critically.
I hear you have been to Torquay," he said, looking at her critically, "it seems to have agreed with you.
One must admit that he has pluck," he remarked critically.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 18, 2018-Lyric passes US FDA's Fast Track designation for ulimorelin for treating enteral feeding intolerance (EFI) in critically ill patients
M2 PHARMA-January 18, 2018-Lyric passes US FDA's Fast Track designation for ulimorelin for treating enteral feeding intolerance (EFI) in critically ill patients
Karachi -- One person has been killed and other critically injured being hit by dumper over Liaquat Abad bridge Karachi.
The article by Scott Isbell, PhD, DABCC, entitled "Bedside blood glucose testing in critically ill patients," published in the April edition of MLO [2017;49(4):8-12] summarized some of the current issues related to testing capillary blood and the "Off-Label" use of blood glucose monitoring systems (BGMS) in critically ill patients.
Introduction: Determination of hemoglobin level can only be done in laboratory environment and takes time in critically ill children.
Critically ill patients are at risk for the development of adrenal insufficiency of critical illness (AICI).
The author has organized the main body of his text in twelve chapters devoted to thinking, thinking critically, solving problems, perception and belief, the construction of knowledge, language and thought, forming and applying concepts, relating and organizing, thinking critically about moral issues, constructing arguments, reasoning critically, and thinking critically while living creatively.
Food and Drug Administration cleared a new indication for the Nova StatStrip Glucose Hospital Meter System, extending its use to critically ill patients who have been hospitalized.
An article published in the Journal of Critical Care revealed lower levels of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) in critically ill patients in comparison with healthy men and women.
THE SPECIES MOST RELIANT ON ZOOS FOR SURVIVAL Mountain chicken frog, from Dominica and Monserrat, critically endangered; White-clawed crayfish, from countries including Britain, endangered; Blue-crowned laughing thrush, from China, critically endangered; Amur leopard, from China, Russia and Korea, critically endangered; Potosi pupfish, from Mexico, extinct in the wild; Polynesian tree snail; from French Polynesia, extinct in the wild; Verdcourt's polyalthia tree, from Tanzania, endangered; Blue-eyed black lemur, from Madagascar, critically endangered; Ploughshare tortoise, from Madagascar, critically endangered; Scimitar-horned oryx, from Tunisia, Morocco and Senegal, extinct in the wild.
Early, appropriate antibacterial therapy is a key factor in effectively managing septic critically ill patients (1).