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in a critical manner


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I felt that I was appearing an irresolute commander to those people who were watching me more or less critically.
A regiment of the Old Guard, reviewed on a summer's day in the Champs Elysees, could not have made a more critically correct appearance.
He's caught on good," said the scarred man, who was Tom Platt, watching him critically.
He inspected her bullocks critically, as they came up grunting and blowing under the yokes.
It was a much more important fact, if one were looking at his genius critically, that he had lived in the days before the general transfusion.
How this miracle of fire and ice was to be created, and to sustain itself in a harsh world, he had never taken the time to think out; but he was content to hold his view without analysing it, since he knew it was that of all the carefully-brushed, white-waistcoated, button- hole-flowered gentlemen who succeeded each other in the club box, exchanged friendly greetings with him, and turned their opera-glasses critically on the circle of ladies who were the product of the system.
If the individuals who compose the purest circles of aristocracy in Europe, the guarded blood of centuries, should pass in review, in such manner as that we could at leisure and critically inspect their behavior, we might find no gentleman and no lady; for although excellent specimens of courtesy and high-breeding would gratify us in the assemblage, in the particulars we should detect offence.
Only one thing was new, a head and shoulders of Philip which Lawson had painted at the end of the preceding summer; it hung over the chimney-piece; Mildred looked at it critically.
HIGGINS [looking critically at her] Oh no, I don't think so.
Epanchin examined the portrait of Nastasia Philipovna for some little while, holding it critically at arm's length.
We pegged and quaffed away in silence for a while, until the time came when, instead of sitting bolt upright, and grasping the knife and fork firmly, we leant back in our chairs and worked slowly and carelessly - when we stretched out our legs beneath the table, let our napkins fall, unheeded, to the floor, and found time to more critically examine the smoky ceiling than we had hitherto been able to do - when we rested our glasses at arm's-length upon the table, and felt good, and thoughtful, and forgiving.
He looked critically at Joan, and wished that she did not look so provincial or suburban in her high green dress with the faded trimming, so patient, and almost resigned.
What I want to know is--" he looked at her critically.
How could it occur to her to examine the letter, to look at it critically as a profession of love?
Henry, you look like a play-actor," announced Aunt Em, looking at her husband critically.