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Both bitumens modified with Elvaloy 4170 have higher critical temperatures than bitumens modified with Elvaloy AM.
St], a value of the critical temperature in the bearing (the temperature that maintains the viscosity constant) of about 38[degrees]C is obtained.
Therefore, a gas engineer wants to use a PE material with a critical temperature as low as possible.
It also shows that the critical temperatures of phlogopite were 850, 950, 1000, 1050, 1100, and 1150[degrees]C.
Analysis of these data proves reduction of the carbon condensation rate on the molybdenum substrate as temperature of the latter increases, which matches data of [9], where dependence of the carbon condensation factor upon temperature of the molybdenum substrate in the area of critical temperature was studied.
In the new experiment, described in the March 16 Science, physicists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and the University of Cambridge in England magnetically confined a Bose-Einstein condensate of rubidium atoms and let it spontaneously warm, crossing the critical temperature in reverse.
A graph of the data over the temperature showed a sharp drop in the magnetic field once the critical temperature of the superconductor was reached.
Because they reached a critical temperature there were some minor explosions causing small fires which were quickly brought under control.
Xenon, a pure fluid with a very simple structure and a critical temperature just below room temperature, is convenient for such experiments.
In the search for alternative, environmentally friendly solvents, a number of investigators have used liquid water under pressure above 100 C, but below its critical temperature of 374 C.
THERE is a critical temperature - and as yet we've not reached it.
The DL200-T is designed to assure the quality of temperature sensitive goods in storage or transit by monitoring time of exposure to critical temperature.
The critical temperature for most tool steels is about 1500F
Continuing advancement of refrigeration technology to meet critical temperature requirements.
The printed electronic label, consisting of printed memory, sensor and logic, detects that critical temperature thresholds have been exceeded and records data digitally for later retrieval and display.
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