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an essay or article that gives a critical evaluation (as of a book or play)

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The working group writes a critical review of the pertinent scientific literature (published articles, articles accepted for publication, and publicly available documents from government agencies) and a consensus evaluation of each agent's potential to cause cancer in humans.
Brown received a whopping $30 in prize money for his critical review of a concert Hayes presented in Lynchburg, Virginia.
Expanding on the comprehensive treatment of alternative portfolio construction techniques and discussing the area of risk budgeting from an asset management perspective, you are given a critical review of a range of portfolio techniques.
The author offers a critical review of current SEN policies within the context of strategic leadership goals, and then analyzes how these policies are being managed in local communities.
Ciarnan Convery, the owner of Goodfellas pizza restaurant on Kennedy Way, West Belfast, pursued a successful libel action against the Irish News for a critical review it published in August, 2000.
An independent panel of internationally recognized experts deemed CitrinK to be GRAS following a critical review of extensive safety data.
We thank Leonel Mendoza for performing immunodiffusion and providing the therapeutic immunogens and Brian Poligone for a critical review of the manuscript.
The first part comprises a comprehensive and critical review of the history of disability awareness from the late '50s to today's legislation.
In a critical review of early (Tocco and Lasswitz) and recent studies, she argues (1) that Bruno's "atomism in mathematics" has been misunderstood; (2) that no attention is paid to the crucial role of his doctrine of God in his epistemology; and (3) that the historical position of Bruno has not yet been accounted for.
a comprehensive and critical review of the literature on the twin deficits, is part of a series of industry reports available as free downloads from new online business information provider, www.
UK) conducts a critical review of the literature on critical thinking in order to develop an understanding of it that can be used as a broad principle around which pedagogical principles and practices can be developed.
Courvalin for critical review of the manuscript and editorial assistance.
Sea salt aerosol production; mechanisms, methods, measurements and models-a critical review.
In a comprehensive and widely learned critical review of metaphor theory she finds the essence of Milton's iconological art in the exploitation of the pervasive doubt that arises from the failure of figurative language ever to close the gap between vehicle and tenor, between image and thing imaged.
The theme of the latest biennial international conference in Barcelona in September, organised by the Mies van der Rohe Foundation, seemed a definite move in this direction -- The Challenge of Modernity: a Critical Review of Contemporary Positions.
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