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a crisis situation or point in time when a critical decision must be made

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By operating at pressures and temperatures above the critical point, higher enthalpy can be achieved [more energy in the steam).
Evaluating the Jacobian matrix (11) at the concrete expression (7) of the critical point and taking into account the condition [p.
By multiplying the variations of the components mentioned above and by integrating this product in the selected variation range of the magnetic field's module as well as other main criterion of parking place detection, we can determine, according to the mathematical sign or value of the result obtained, whether the vehicle at the critical point is in the parking place or not.
Critical Point, who competes off a rock-bottom mark of 45, is by Pivotal, whose stock generally relish plenty of give underfoot.
The value x is called a "degenerate" critical point, since f'(0) = 0 so the tangent line is horizontal, but f'(x) is positive for all other x, so the sign of the derivative does not change at the critical point, the way it does for a local maximum or minimum.
A critical point defines the set of pressures and temperatures at which a liquid changes from one form to the other.
In [15], it was applied to Markov functions: for such functions, it was shown in essence that uniqueness of a critical point holds if the Green capacity of the support of the defining measure is less than an absolute constant.
Sizable perturbations to these fluxes result in losses of functionality and complexity that are likewise subject to critical point thresholds.
As a portable "power utility," the unit can be moved from critical point to point and begin delivering water and power in minutes after arrival at site.
Buckley's reasoning however, misses a critical point.
A critical point was defined as any stand-alone statement related to the lecture topic that had not been previously explained during the present lecture or a previous lecture.
The quotation marks are appropriate--but let's go back to the root of the problem, using a simple fairy tale to illustrate a critical point.
You should have sought out couples well past that critical point (which comes to every enduring relationship), when constant, intimate affection becomes more important than an occasional orgasm.
The problematic rapport between Bruno and Christianity represents a critical point with regard to his influence, which commenced immediately after his death at the stake.
Xenon, an inert gas, exhibits unusual behavior near its critical point, at which it turns into a milky fluid with properties between those of a liquid and a gas.