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a crisis situation or point in time when a critical decision must be made

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Critical Point, who competes off a rock-bottom mark of 45, is by Pivotal, whose stock generally relish plenty of give underfoot.
A critical point defines the set of pressures and temperatures at which a liquid changes from one form to the other.
I kind of got away from it a little bit, but we're at a real critical point of the season now.
Lilith, who suffered repeated rape and family troubles, communicated with Jacob when growing up, but he did not save her at a critical point, so she turned to the Dark Side.
In other words, the climate system can only be pushed so far; beyond a critical point, a phase transition heralds dramatic and rapid changes.
As a portable "power utility," the unit can be moved from critical point to point and begin delivering water and power in minutes after arrival at site.
Buckley's reasoning however, misses a critical point.
A critical point was defined as any stand-alone statement related to the lecture topic that had not been previously explained during the present lecture or a previous lecture.
The quotation marks are appropriate--but let's go back to the root of the problem, using a simple fairy tale to illustrate a critical point.
You should have sought out couples well past that critical point (which comes to every enduring relationship), when constant, intimate affection becomes more important than an occasional orgasm.
The problematic rapport between Bruno and Christianity represents a critical point with regard to his influence, which commenced immediately after his death at the stake.
Xenon, an inert gas, exhibits unusual behavior near its critical point, at which it turns into a milky fluid with properties between those of a liquid and a gas.
But during this same time span, improvements in file access and data transfer techniques have been minimal; now they have reached the critical point where server-to-storage communications have become the major roadblock to improved systems availability and performance.
This comprehensive systematic overview covers the static and dynamic critical phenomena of real, non-ideal fluids in the nearest vicinity of the critical point, offers new approaches and presents research results on the highest level.
Tenders are invited for Service Contract Involving the Feasibility Study for Alternative Technical Solutions / Complement the Work That Will Be Executed in Bala 01 Critical Point of the Project Improving the Navigation Conditions On the Danube Between Calarasi and Braila, Km 375 - Km 175