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a bundle of myelinated nerve fibers following a path through the brain

a trodden path


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Page 162 in: Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Critical Pathways.
Most of the team members were unfamiliar with the critical pathway concept; the educational process was therefore necessary in beginning our work.
Using information from consultation with experts and a review of the literature on critical pathways and related quality' improvement methods, we developed a list of pathway characteristics that might be associated with critical pathway effectiveness.
It will be necessary to establish empirical support for critical pathway models and for the application of community practice guidelines.
Capitated health plans are embracing critical pathways as a superior way to manage costs and ensure high-quality outcomes for inpatients and outpatients alike.
CHICAGO -- HIMSS and AHIMA introduce the ICD-10 Critical Pathway for Getting Started - 2012 and Beyond.
Today, HIMSS and AHIMA will be releasing its "ICD-10 Critical Pathway to Getting Started - 2012 and Beyond.
Since then, critical pathways -- also called Critical Pathway Care Maps, Action Plans, Multidisciplinary Action Plans, or Clinical Pathways -- have been adapted to meet the needs of different health care organizations that are implementing so-called case management models, the basis of subacute care programs that are evolving today.
At each juncture in a critical pathway, decision theory adds weights that represent the risk/benefit ratio for each set of alternatives.
If the originally proposed gainful employment regulation moves forward, it will eliminate in excess of a hundred thousand jobs in the higher education sector, destroy education opportunities and block a critical pathway to employment for millions of students.
Preclinical research demonstrates that Kiacta may interrupt a critical pathway in the development of sarcoidosis.
It is believed that one of the advantages of APC-300 is that it has the ability to intervene at more than one critical pathway in the pancreatic cancer cell process.
The molecule was designed to mimic the body's natural fat metabolism signaling system, which is a critical pathway to managing cellulite.
We believe that innovative use of health information technology is a critical pathway to improvements in health care quality and cost efficiency.
This connection will act as a critical pathway in support of ISE's migration to its new options trading system, which is being developed using the expertise of ISE and DBS and is scheduled to roll out in Q4 2010.