critical mass

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the minimum amount (of something) required to start or maintain a venture

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the minimum mass of fissionable material that can sustain a chain reaction

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In Macedonia, there is amorphous critical mass which is dispersed in the form of articles, platforms and small urban protests.
As such, and by the artist's design, the individual porcelain sheets are more densely clustered in the installation's centre and gradually become more dispersed toward its edge, thus reinforcing the idea of critical mass.
Clearly marked as Critical Mass Submission, they can be handed it at the theatre's box office or sent to Leon Phillips either by email at leonphillips@belgrade.
He is a great cultural fit, and his pedigree and deep knowledge of the digital space make him the ideal person to lead our Toronto office, said Chris Gokiert, President, Critical Mass.
If you have no idea of what the critical mass is, how can you narrowly tailor?
Critical Mass for Business is the fastest-growing organizer and facilitator for business advisory groups in Orange County and a noted business coaching company with over 17 years of experience.
Using the MediaBank A|X analytics dashboard, Critical Mass is able to deliver its analyses to the automaker's global stakeholders in the form of both HTML documents viewable via conventional web browser and PDF-based reports, replacing the previously cumbersome spreadsheet-based reporting.
Rather than highlight the work of a single artist, as we usually do, we are featuring photos taken by Critical Mass riders themselves, images gleaned from Flickr.
For Liverpool Critical Mass email: anarchosurfer-criticalmass@yahoo.
Critical Mass tasked Etre with identifying the most effective aspects of these designs so that they could be carried forward into the final version of the Rolex website.
Part of an international movement that got its start in San Francisco in 1992, Critical Mass has no rules, no leader and no spokesman.
The first act of the performance art/kaleidoscope piece courtesy of Keystone's Critical Mass Performance Group ends with a burst of light and a curtain coming down to reveal hundreds upon hundreds of stacked file boxes packed high to the rafters.
But growing critical mass means the government bodies and private sector must work in unison.
The new NASA web site was created in February as a joint effort between Critical Mass of Chicago, an interactive firm that serves numerous global brands, and eTouch of Pasadena.
At Jacob's Pillow, the troupe's program included references to the dance and ritual of the Aborigines in Jiri Kylian's Stamping Ground (1983); a segue into contact improvisation that incorporated suggestions of Brazilian capoeira to show off the athletic skills of the two men in Russell Maliphant's Critical Mass (1998); plus the off-kilter balletic setting of Kylian's Un Ballo (1991).