critical appraisal

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an appraisal based on careful analytical evaluation

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These methods, tools and checklists, notably the ones to perform critical appraisal, can be used to evaluate different types of research studies beyond randomized control experiments.
Students work through a set of procedures that includes setting goals, breaking down complex tasks of critical appraisal and clinical problem-solving into achievable objectives, planning specific time periods for this to be accomplished and anticipating and planning for the resources that will be used to ensure the objectives are reached.
To avoid these problems, it is important to focus on the three critical appraisal system components and make sure that managers have the skills needed to complete each stage of the appraisal process effectively.
As before the text is fully intended to provide a critical appraisal of the nature and limitation of available data but primarily to act as an authoritative guide to statistical sources, both official and unofficial that are available.
Auditors generally are more concerned with the effectiveness of and adherence to sound procedures than with a critical appraisal of each loan.
While praising the study as a "landmark," Scheinman does say the treatment warrants further critical appraisal before being accepted into cardiologists' clinical arsenal.
The international panel of contributors presents a critical appraisal of the interactions of chemicals and drugs with the gastrointestinal system and the experimental methods and regions of research on which to focus future efforts.
The consulting services ("the services is an independent management function, which involves a continuous and critical appraisal of the functioning of PWD Rajasthan with a view to suggest improvements thereto and add value to and strengthen the overall governance mechanism of the entity, including the entity%s strategic risk management and internal control system.
Becoming sexual; a critical appraisal of the sexualization of girls.
Jehangir Badar suggested to the people to go through the critical appraisal of the 1993 elections in the book written by Dr.
Developing critical appraisal skills may take time and develop from the experience of questioning and challenging published literature.
2 of the Royal College general standards of accreditation states that "The program must ensure that there are effective teaching programs in the critical appraisal of medical literature using knowledge of research methodology and biostatistics.
Part II covers skills for critical appraisal of evidence in quantitative and qualitative research.
Now it is Bill's turn to expose himself to critical appraisal.
Critical appraisal of the literature requires the reader to be familiar with the rules of validity as well as the interpretation of research results.
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