critical angle

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the smallest angle of incidence for which light is totally reflected

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Generally, the intensity of the diffraction peaks should increase with the increase in the grazing incidence angle and maximum P3HT intensity is observed at angle slightly larger than the critical angle.
The idea of light travelling through a Fiber is first the light gets injected into the Fiber and strike the core to cladding interface at an angle greater than the critical angle, reflects back into core, since the angle of incidence and reflection are equal.
i']), the analysis of which demonstrates that hysteresis by critical angle of attack occurs in different values of inability to calculate the flow at [bar.
Based on the critical angle values, half sphere can be divided into several regions, which represent the probability of a fibre to be located in the particular region.
The algorithm of a numerical model for luminous intensity distribution suggested in this study traced the optical behavior of the photons by internal reflection, using the ray-tracing technique in case of internal reflection occurring in the prism faces with the angle of incidence getting greater than the critical angle.
For me, this was the frustration of the study; I was always looking for a more critical angle, or a conversation with current philosophical voices.
The National Transportation Safety Board is not confirming that sewer work could have increased the risk of an explosion, but the agency is also looking at this critical angle as it continues its investigation.
Our side-to-side motion became more erratic until we reached a critical angle that tipped the canoe, which sank like a stone and had to be righted and baled.
The size of the measured aerial and the size and location of the final scanning surface (cylinder) is defined with the critical angle [PHI].
BEYOND THE CRITICAL ANGLE OF FIBER OPTICS, Abiye Seifu (1), and Solo-mon Fesseha (2), (1)Columbus State University, Columbus, GA 31907 and (2)Georgia Pe-rimeter College at Dunwoody, Dunwoody, GA 30338.
Propagating angles with reasonable mode fill are likely to exceed the total internal reflection critical angle allowed.
For modes n = 0 and n = 1, there is a critical angle [[theta].
Evanescent waves are formed when sinusoidal waves are internally reflected off an interface at an angle greater than the critical angle so that total internal reflection occurs.
For a fixed neutron wavelength, the surfaces of the guide reflect up to a critical angle of approximately 20 mrad [nm.
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