critical analysis

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an appraisal based on careful analytical evaluation

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Speaking after the release of a trilogy on Rabindranath Tagore in Marathi, written by Narendra Jadhav, Mukherjee said: "There is a need for critical analysis to discover, rediscover the relevance of (his) ideologies.
Contributors from a variety of US and Canadian institutions stray from the prevailing focus on functional issues to address the social aspects of knowledge management (KM), using social science perspectives to provide a critical analysis of KM in higher education.
Topic as well as author entries make it easy to cross-reference information for associative study, while listings blend biography and review of major works with critical analysis.
Using WWI images and texts, teachers can provide a model for students so that they may more readily engage in critical analysis of contemporary cultural modes of representation.
She affirms that mourning, anxiety and utter depression should prompt critical analysis and praxis rather than violence and militarization.
Evidence-based practice is proposed as a simple, standardized process for a critical analysis of the research literature and application to language educational uses.
In Ohio, the Board of Education approved standards on evolution for 10th-grade biology as well as Critical Analysis of Evolution, according to Deborah Owens Fink, a member of the Ohio Board of Education.
Writing in this genre, Moss and Petrie offer a critical analysis of the political, economic, and historic factors that have produced modern notions of childhood in many English-speaking countries.
The author ends the book with a critical analysis of Zurayk's thought and legacy in the context of the experiences of Arab nationalism as it developed throughout the twentieth century.
Without critical analysis of the ongoing problem we may be headed nowhere.
Though this chapter is well argued, rich in scholarly references, and sound in its critical analysis, one might add that this same dialectical approach could be used in the duality of Beatrice as woman-goddess.
As researchers, we certainly expect and welcome critical analysis of the investigation.
Literature classes looking for a good genre-specific book for critical analysis will find Keith's book to be a great fit.
There is, of course, a richness in this approach that allows for important nuance and detail, as well as critical analysis.
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