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After well over a decade's experience with us and our brand, Image understands what The Criterion Collection means, both to our core customers and to the retailers who help us reach a wider audience,'' Criterion President Peter Becker said.
2] values being significantly higher in each criterion area than [time.
But ultimately a social-worth criterion for deciding who gets on the waiting list for a transplant and who among these actually receives an available organ is fundamentally flawed and unethical.
Of the programs that do not comply, 64% are only one criterion shy, 17% are two criteria shy, 17% are three criteria shy and 1% fail on all four criteria.
The criterion such librarians most frequently choose is library relevancy, which they in turn simplify further to mean popularity with users.
If the joint activity fails to meet any of the criterion, the entity must report all of the activity's costs--including those that otherwise might be considered program or management and general costs had they been incurred in a different activity--as fundraising expense.
And the Criterion Collection became a major force in the laser-disc market.
The problem here is that retrieval size rather than usefulness or relevance to need or subject becomes the most important (if not the only) criterion.
7 also points out the second criterion, which deals with the source of loan repayment, may always be met for certain loans.
Criterion will offer the latest luxury amenities including access to the Hill Country Galleria and the Shops at the Galleria, both adjacent to the 19-acre site.
Criterion has also commenced construction of Windsor at Bee Caves Village, a 293-unit luxury garden apartment community located on Highway 71 in the Village of Bee Caves, Texas.
More than 40,000 students at two- and four-year institutions already use Criterion v4.
Criterion is a Web-based instructional tool that allows students to submit essays for immediate evaluation, including a holistic score and annotated diagnostic feedback on their grammar, usage, mechanics, style, and organization and development.
The review also praised the Criterion service as "well-designed," "user friendly" and a "valuable aid to both teacher and student.
NEW YORK -- Criterion Research Group, LLC today identified six companies whose stocks are likely to under perform due to the high levels of non-cash items, particularly receivables, in their earnings.